Bring Me Back

This is a fanfic about a 17 year old girl named Presley and Zayn Malik. She meets him at a one direction concert and something dreadful happens which causes her to die. While she is dead and trying to be revived she replays her whole life inside her head remembering her times with Zayn. Her memories might be the only thing that can save her life.


4. slumber party!!!

his lips hit my mouth and i instantly felt sparks. he lightly pushed his lips against mine as if asking for approval. i aprroved and licked his lips asking for entrence to his mouth. he let me in and we kissed for a while in the car while soaking wet.

when he retreated his face my blushing and he was smiling. "wanna come back to my place?" he asked me. i nodded. "sure i will follow you in my car." i got out of his car and went to mine, putting the keys in the gage. he pulled up besides me and rolled down his window. "ready?" he asked. "sure am!" i pulled up my window and he started to drive away. i followed him until we arrived at his place.


his pad was huge. it was amazing to see. he invited me inside. he pulled open the oak door to see 4 angry looking boys staring at him tapping their feet. "ZAYN JAWAAD MALIK WE EXPECTED YOU HOME BY 11. WE KNOW THE MOVIE ENDED MUCH BEFORE THAT!" louis tomlinson yelled. zayn turned to me blushing and said "we uh, got caught up in traffic." he lied to them without looking at them. "oh i see. you got 'stuck in traffic.'" louis said making quotatations with his fingers while saying 'traffic'. Zayn shook his head. "louis cut the crap. this is Presley." he motion towards me. "Hi." i said shyly. i saw harry peek out from behind niall and smile cheekily and winking. zayn must have saw him cuz he jealously grabbed my hand. "were gonna go play a game or something." zayn said and walked away pulling me behind him.


we went up two flights of stairs and entered a room which i assumed was zayns bedroom. "wow." i whispered. the room was amaZAYN. the walls were painted a deep blue color and had several windows. his bed was twice as large as a king sized and it had a black and red blanket draped over it. there was a flatscreen tv with pretty much every game station hooked up to it along with a mini fridge and 2 large beanbag chairs.

"wow Zayn your room is awesome!" i said looking around the large space. he came up to me and pulled me into his body, wrapping his arms around my waist. he gently kissed me and moved his hand so it was on my butt. "not as amazing as you." he whispered on my lips. he picked me up and i wrapped my legs around his waist and he carried me to the bed. he laid me down and got on top of me, strattling me. he bent his head down kissing me again.

"OH MY GOD ZAYN LOCK THE DOOR!" zayn shot up off of me to glare at niall. he had interupted us :( "calm down leperchaun were not naked." he snickered and niall and I laughed at his frustration. i looked to the clock on the wall. it was past midnight. "aw crap Zayn i was supposed to be home at 12. my moms gonna kill me." i wish i was 18. only 1 more month. zayn looked sad. "we have an extra room. call and ask if you can stay?" i agreed and called my mother. to my surprise she said  i could stay and that she trusted me. i hung up the phone and grinned at zayn. he let out a huge smile. "YEY SLUMBER PARTY!" niall ran down the hall shouting. i laughed at his excitement.

"can i borrow something to wear?" i asked Zayn. he nodded and got me a pair of pajama pants and a button down shirt. "thanks." he showed me to the bathroom so i could change.

i pulled off my dress boots and bra and pulled zayns shirt over my head. it was to big but it smelt like him. i put on the pants and tied them as tight as they could go. they were still slightly big on me. i had a tiny frame. i found a hair band in my purse and braided my long hair over my shoulder. i exited the bathroom to see zayn laying on his bed. he stood up when he saw me. he was in his boxers. only boxers. "lets go downstairs." i followed him to the lounge room downstairs to see the other boys wrestling around on the ground. zayn ran over and jumped on them making their pig pile larger. i laughed and sat on zayns back. he shook me off and ran away from the lads who were now chasing him around the room. i backed away from them close to the wall as to get away from everyone. then Louis had a brillaint idea. he rammed his body into me slamming my body against the wall. my head hit the plaster with a slam and it knocked the wind out of me. i fell to the ground feeling dizzy. i saw five worried faces in front of me. they looked like they were moving around the room. "are you okay." i heard a voice ask me. i didnt know who it was from. "i dont know." i muttered and everything went black.


OOOH suspense. haha so whatca think? i feel like its missing something. any ideas on what i should do??? annnnyways please comment fave and become a fan! it would mean the world to me. and thx to you guys who actually read the authors notes :)

Love, your awkward writer!

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