Bring Me Back

This is a fanfic about a 17 year old girl named Presley and Zayn Malik. She meets him at a one direction concert and something dreadful happens which causes her to die. While she is dead and trying to be revived she replays her whole life inside her head remembering her times with Zayn. Her memories might be the only thing that can save her life.


2. 'should I call?'

should i call him? the question kept replaying in my head. it was the morning after the concert. i barley slept last night. i was too freaked out by what had happened. maybe i will text him. i debated my options and then i thought why did he give me his number? is this his actual number? did he like me or something?" my mind was full of these questions. it was hard to think straight. i decided i should just text him. i mean, what do i got to lose?

(p= presley)

(Z= zayn)

p- hi! this is the girl whos phone you took last night and put your number in.

z- ohhhh hi ;)

P- so not trying to be pushy but why did you give me your number?

Z- its okay. i like pushy. and i gave you it because when i looked in your eyes i felt a connection. i wanted to get to know you.

P- really!?!? well okay! we could meet somewhere later if you would like?

Z- that would be great! movies?

P- sure! i can see the showings for that new one that came out yesterday.

Z- okay. let me know :)

P- will do

i dialed Kileys number as soon as i was done talking to Zayn. I was hyperventalating.

"hello?" kiley said

"ohmygodkileyyouwillneverguesswhathappened.zaynmalikaskedmetohangout!!!" i said in one breath. "pres i have no clue what you said." i repeated myself and pulled the phone away from my phone as Kiley screamed. "Ohhhh myyyy goooodddd! what are you going to wear?' she asked. "i have no clue. come over here and help me get ready!" she hung up the phone and i knew she was on her way over.


once again sorry its short but its just another filler. it will get better. promise :) please comment fave and become a fan!

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