Bring Me Back

This is a fanfic about a 17 year old girl named Presley and Zayn Malik. She meets him at a one direction concert and something dreadful happens which causes her to die. While she is dead and trying to be revived she replays her whole life inside her head remembering her times with Zayn. Her memories might be the only thing that can save her life.


3. Dont be nervous

I wore something simple but not to casual. it was a strapless floral dress with a tan cardigan. along with ankle high boots. i curled my hair and played around with my makeup until it felt right. Kiley was here helping me and making sure i looked presentable.

"crap Ki! i forgot to look up movie times!" i turned to face her as she was putting down her phone. "i already did. theres one at 8:45." i smiled "great. thanks." i pulled out my blackberry and texted Zayn. "8:45 okay?" he replied instantly "perfect. meet for 8:30?" i grinned as i texted him. i could see Kiley smiling from the corner of my eye. "yeah. cya soon!" i wrote and put my phone down. it was 8 now. "okay well i guess i should get going." i said to Kiley. she stood up and hugged me. "dont be nervous. your only going on a date with an extremely hot british boy from a amazing band!" she seemed almost as excited as me. "wow Ki thanks. im not nervous at all." i said sarcasticly. i hugged her again and thanked her. she offered to drive me but i refused. "its ok. but thanks love." i turned on my heals to head out the door when her voice stopped me. "wait Pres?" she asked. i nodded. "um do you think you could try getting Louis number for me?' i smiled and spoke. "i will do my best." with that said, i headed for my car

i arrived at the theatre at 8:20. i parked my car and stepped out into the air. it was quite cold out. i wish i brought a jacket. i entered the theatre through glass doors to see that Zayn was already here. i smiled as we made eye contact and he started walking towards me. he wore black jeans and a tight white shirt, along with his famous varsity jacket. nothing special but just the way i liked him to dress. "Hi." he smiled as he came to me. "Hi." i replied. he took my hand and we went to the ticket teller. "two tickets for 'love is a killer' please." i said as i started to pull my money out of my purse. Zayn grabbed my hand. "no. let me." he grinned. he paid for our tickets then we decided to go get some snacks.

"okay you have to let me pay for snacks." i said. he shook his head. "okay then. you either let me pay or i leave." i laughed as i saw his expression. "well if you really want to pay." he said with a ear to ear smile. we got a large popcorn and a grape soda to share ;) then we were off to the theatre.


we sat in the back row. we tried not to attract attention to ourselves. we didnt need some teens going all fangirl while we were on a date. the previews ended and the room went black leaving only the light from zayns eyes. he grasped my hand without looking at me.  i held on tight as the movie began playing. i was so scared, i was shaking. i couldnt believe i was on a date with Zayn Malik. he must have realized i was nervous. my body was really stiff and tense. he looked at me and pulled my body into his. we cuddled during the film and i would burry my head in his chest at the sad and scary parts. too bad it wasnt a very long movie. it was 10:30 when it ended.

we exited the theatre last and went straight to his car. it was raining so we ran. he unlocked his car and let me in the passangers seat. "that was a strange film." he laughed i nodded in agreement. "I know. why did she always where the same dress?' i asked "I dunno. it would have been better if it wasnt an ugly dress." i giggled and he patted his lap. i crawled over to him and sat on his damp jeans. stupid rain. it was then when he slammed his velvet  lips into mine, kissing me softly making sure i approved. i did :)

okaaaaay!!! whatca think? i know its not the best. im not a professional writer. plz comment fave and become a fan! it would mean so much. and if u have any tips or advice plz let me know :)


your awkward writer :)



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