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*** WARNING: August Songs have some Bad Language in them *** Please take this with caution. If you agree to these terms and conditions. Then please proceed. This is my Songs, my Lyrics shared to the World Of Movellas. Some of these songs are being performed by some close friends and relatives. Rock-Bands, Rappers, and all the ones that love Music. Everyone is invited. If you ever want to sing one of these songs' Go ahead. Just don't steal the content. Thanks.
- Luke J.R


14. Revolutionary! (Performed in the future!)

T-this is… R-Revolutionary. (Revolutionary *Echoes* x2)

T-this is… R-R-Revolutionary, this is… the end…

Our sis… she’s ours. And that’s fine…

T-this is… the beginning, of something amazing!

It is part of me. And it is part of you…

Our world, it-it consists of many… things!

And you are just the centre of those things…

And this is why we sing! This is why we dance…


This is part of everyone… joining together!

We are… revolutionary. Our sis, is our end.

It’s just like a beginning. A better start for those that were winning…

It reminds me of everybody. It protects us, like a cube based area.

Like I cell, and like everybody… it reminds us, of claustrophobia.

It feels, so intense… with a planet that keeps on spinning.

Our world… our homes… our civilization is revolutionary! [Revolutionary] (x2)


Dan Dan Dan… Dun Dun Dun… Dan Dan Dan… Dun Dun! Dan Dan Dan…


It is part of all of us. Without anyone or fuss, it reminds us of everything.

It reminds us of every battle! Of every beginning! Of every bloody century in history…!

Our civilization, consists of many things. It reminds us of everything. The world will keep on spinning.

Whether we are here… It’s just so amazing, I’d even drink a beer! I’d even drink a beer! (x2)

It is revolutionary. It is… Revolutionary! – Reminds me of the world we live in.

It is revolutionary… It is, revolutionary. Reminds me of the world that keeps spinning…

And it is so much more! It is almost everything! How can you say… that world we live in?

It isn’t broken yet. Although… we are on the some bumpy tracks, and that’ll be the end.




The queasy motion, of everybody! (x2) The flavour of the ocean, it is toxic ting.

The movement of the animals… they keep on living, but death will soon follow.

As the world we live in, changes around us. And the oceans will keep on rising.

And the battles will keep on fighting. It is all revolutionary, a battle of history!

As the world we live in, changes for the worse. Drowning is our only option.

Unless we hit the ground. We’d be breating, but without a sound…

They’d be a lot of screaming, but… that is just the w-worries. They will keep on speaking, a god damn everything.

Every word that is breathed, it’ll be remembered.

It’ll be everything! – History is redeveloping, but it never stops.

Unless we shall end. And even if we die, we’ll be remembered till the end.

Of course the rich will have so much more. The great foundations, that brings the world to ease.

It may be something more… to the old and the poor. All those sick people, they can live happy lives…


Family is everything. And money is no option, it may be everything!

How can you put a price, on the world we live in?

Think of all the others… the ones that are suffering!

From ashes to dust, from dust to ashes.

It flows through the sky, into the space.

Of open world accessory. It’ll be revolutionary!

Revolutionary! – Revolutionary!


- Written By: Luke J.R – (Edited By: Ryan Zeek) – (To be performed by: Endless-Motions.) -

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