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*** WARNING: August Songs have some Bad Language in them *** Please take this with caution. If you agree to these terms and conditions. Then please proceed. This is my Songs, my Lyrics shared to the World Of Movellas. Some of these songs are being performed by some close friends and relatives. Rock-Bands, Rappers, and all the ones that love Music. Everyone is invited. If you ever want to sing one of these songs' Go ahead. Just don't steal the content. Thanks.
- Luke J.R


121. MyMurder [December 2015]

MyMurder ~ Lyrics By: Luke J.R

(Deep Male Vocals)
/// Somebody, HONEY, Oh no, 
*** Are you okay, love?
/// I had a nightmare . . .

Somebody pulled up on the empty street, with people trying to find their feet
With a city built so tall, where everyone was trying to be something more
Working their asses off, and not giving in to the ones that tried to put them down
Never giving in to anything that would hit them along the way . . .
Society . . .

DAMN, You see, it's easy to miss it
A trye track or whatever can really set you back
And when you see it, you don't like it
Because all it is... is a nightmare
Right in front of you, a simple stare
A simple scare, whatever, it's coming at you
And before you know it, you're passed out
On the sofa, couch, whatever, I don't give a-
Yeah, you get it, you got it, you know it, you lost it

Somebody driving over the limit just hit a kid over
Yeah, that sounds about right, he got runned over
And that kid in it, he wasn't so lucky, kinda died
But that was his fault, right? Not quite, not quite
He simply died. No, he was okay, he tried to fight
Fight what? Fight the end of the night
And where was you when this happened?
Working, at school, or whatever-
You missed it, you really missed it
Kind of, but I didn't really see it
Whatever . . . Society 

HELL, did you miss it? That kid just hit it
He was blinded by- a bee sting
Stung in the eye, now going blind
Treated like some kind of alien at school
Around his friends, they told him he would be-
back to normal again? How is that possible-
You can't just go Un-Blind within a few-
days? Whatever. He did go blind, did you miss it?
Not really . . . I don't watch any of it
I try to distance myself from it

Somebody with a very bad temper went straight for a kid 
Right into his chest, right through is spine
A knife I think, or something worse
It was sharp I think . . .
You see it pierced through his body
Kinda cut some ribs, well, I think it did
And if it did, well, he is going to die 
Yeah, don't deny it, he is going to die
Where were you when this happened?
Come on, you can't blame me for this
Blame them why don't ya? 
Because you could've been there
You simply had nowhere else to be
But you decided to stay home and watch TV
I'll count my days from now on
And then I'll watch me 

Holy- (yeah, you know it)
A little girl was just abducted from her parents home
Is it possible? Is it possible that was home alone?
If that is true, then what else can we possibly do?
I don't know, I don't care, I just don't get why somebody
would want to. Want to hurt her, or even murder her
HEY,come on now, we can't just jump to conclusions
I mean the parents weren't home, so maybe, just maybe
They left a message on the phone, and took their baby
Bye-bye- back to wherever she went to roam . . .
Hold the phone, I found some blood, this don't look right
It's all over the curtains, and all over the rug by the light
Hey, don't be so stupid. You probably just got some off your shoes
No, it's not possible, I didn't walk in a crime scene at all

So, so, so, turn that light off, and make it mine
Shine, shine, shine, that light on my moon (head)
I know it's rude, but really, really, I need it
It's certain doom, and might even destroy my kit
Who knows, who knows if it's worth it
We just go by what we know, and not what we do know . . .
Recent murders seem to help my mind (stay alive)
and then move on again, like a train ride
Always moving on again, and again, and again
It don't end, these tracks narrow down the line
Around the bends and the corners to a Mine
Where I can find that my life is now alone in Time

Stagger & Stagger, I'll be alone again
My light is mine, and the moon-head again
Whatever that means, I should be in bed right now
But whatever that means, my head says I should be burning now
Like should I be here alive? Or should I give up and find my knife?
Or am I looking for a glock of some kid? Maybe a gun, they're hard to find
Not really, I found one, just locked away in some kid's drawer
Really shows what I've done . . .
Really shows what I've done . . .
Society . . .

Lyrics By: Luke J.R
Story By: Luke J.R
[A Father of a child has been given medication to stay out of trouble, along with fix his mind, keep his mental illness from taking over his mindset. But after finding that every crime scene has a similarity to whatever it is that the man does for a living. It really shows the light down the tunnel revealing what it is that could be the real problem here]

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