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*** WARNING: August Songs have some Bad Language in them *** Please take this with caution. If you agree to these terms and conditions. Then please proceed. This is my Songs, my Lyrics shared to the World Of Movellas. Some of these songs are being performed by some close friends and relatives. Rock-Bands, Rappers, and all the ones that love Music. Everyone is invited. If you ever want to sing one of these songs' Go ahead. Just don't steal the content. Thanks.
- Luke J.R


94. Just Cousins Or More? [February 2015] - On Drugs -

If You Try Drugs . . . You Might Become Frightening . . . But You Lose Friends . . . So Much More!

Don't Go Back - Because There Was Never A Forwards, Either - You Are Lost, My Friend, Lost Without You


Boom-Boom… Boom-Boom… Boom-Boom…

(You’ll always be so close… always be so close to me)

Boom-Boom… Boom-Boom… Boom-Boom…

(You’ll always be so nice… always be so nice to me)

Boom-Boom… Boom-Boom… Boom-Boom…

(And we’ll sleep so close, and we’ll sleep so close to me)


Ba-Ba –Ba-Ba Baby, Baby, Baby… Ba-Ba

I remember when I last saw you

Back in October, I thought I’d lost you

You are my cousin, a beautiful loving-

Kissing and dossing, a beautiful loving-

Ba0Ba –Ba-Ba Baby, Baby, Baby… Ba-Ba

I’m part of you, well, I knew… that I fell in love with you

What a twisted world we live in

Where the birds can’t be singing

As the shelves are lifting, and the Earth keeps on spinning

Ba-Ba –Ba-Ba Baby, Baby, Baby… Ba-Ba

In the Park, In the Park . . .

I saw you near not far, away from me

In the Park, In the Park . . .

I thought of you in the clouds of Thee

Ba-Ba –Ba-Ba Baby, Baby, Baby… Ba-Ba


Back In October, Hallo-Hallo-Wee-Wee-Halloween

You were there with a smile

I could’ve sworn I haven’t lost for a while

There you are, There you are!
Beautiful and Hot

So sexy to them, so cousin-EY to me!

So lovely- So lovely- I loved you

And I wonder… why I lost you

Why I lost you to THREE


Fuckers of time

That same old rhyme

A distant time

I could’ve been in a CRIME

All for you, All for you

Fuck you too

You’re a JOKE to me!

A different point of view!


Ba-Ba –Ba-Ba Baby, Baby, BABY! Ba-Ba

Back In October, another year from then

You passed out on a chair- looking kind of bear?

Beautiful and sitting there. So cute and still, lovely hair

I loved you for all the air, and everywhere!

In the end, In the end . . . I thought of you as a friend

To SEND- TO SEND, I wanted to send you a message

A simple loving- message, to keep you with me

Ba-Ba –Ba-Ba Baby, Baby, BABY! Ba-Ba

Back In October, near to November

I saw you there, sitting quite much everywhere

Crying in the square, chalk lines in the air

So cute and bear? Ah, I loved you for being there

A simple loving tale for two, a loss for them and who?

Crap! I forgot you, I just remembered our last summer?

Fuck! I knew I should’ve been there… but I can’t bear- can’t bear- to stand with you


In the Air, In the Air . . . sometimes I go anywhere

I’m pretty much flying away from you, as we speak to who?

What-Who-What-Who-What-Who? What wonders can you do?

Lost-You-Lost-You-Lost-You How else can I find you?

Ba-Ba –Ba-Ba! Baby, Baby, BABY! –Ba-Ba (x2)

Your beautiful brown hair . . .

So cute with your stare

A sexy kind of fair-ness? I guess it’s my kind bear?

Aha, I knew I was dumb, but don’t make me numb

I saw you through my empty thumb, with blood, with blood

And he saw you with your hair down, so cute and round for him?

Did he lie to you so he could befriend you? OR, did I just pay him for that?

Aha, I lied to him, and you’ll never win! Because I’m the COUSIN of you

You are fucked in the head to think that I’m dead. So don’t try to run away!

Ba-Ba –Ba-Ba Baby, Baby, I knew you so well, and I guess that’s THREE
Ha-Ha, they told you were FREE – FREE OF CHARGE for pulling you?

Da-Da –Da-Da – You Dare – You Dare –

Ba-Ba –Ba-Ba – Baby, Baby, BABY! –Ba –Ba


He told me you had sexy underwear, so weird and bare?

Well, that’s a FAIR – shot.

I changed you for who you were

I’d swap you for someone else to be honest

To be friendly, I brush your hair and remember that your everywhere

Like a doll in a house, you are as soft as a mouse

And I say this every day! You are my BABY!

A beautiful girl with beautiful hair, and nice pair of underwear . . .


AHA – I guess you could call me, Ba-BA

AHA – I knew you’d fall for me

AHA – I told you’d stall me

AHA – Can’t you be FREE?

AHA – I changed for you and me

AHA – You are not really SHE?

AHA – I told you before . . .

My Cousin At The Door

That You Are Everything To ME!

A beautiful masterpiece, she would say along to me

A sinple form of masterpieces? A crumbled letter entitled to me

I loved you for – I loved you for – for being there just for me

And now I ask myself, why I did all those things to you

Why I put a needle in your arm and screamed just for you

I remember the pain, the suffering I gave to you . . .

Ba-Ba – Baby Baby baby! I want the best for you and me

So, let it be, let it be . . . don’t end this P-PARTY

Because I always LOVED You – Always Loved You

Won’t stand without you



- Written By: Luke J.R

Story: “Cousins, Jessica don’t come easy. She will always be with me. Until the end of another time, she’ll be late to hear my Crime . . .”

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