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*** WARNING: August Songs have some Bad Language in them *** Please take this with caution. If you agree to these terms and conditions. Then please proceed. This is my Songs, my Lyrics shared to the World Of Movellas. Some of these songs are being performed by some close friends and relatives. Rock-Bands, Rappers, and all the ones that love Music. Everyone is invited. If you ever want to sing one of these songs' Go ahead. Just don't steal the content. Thanks.
- Luke J.R


137. ~Goodbye~ [January 2016]

And I need to know if they are coming for me . . .

Show me a lighter side to the dark gravy clouds

Reveal to me all the smoke that goes up

Reveal to me your secret mushroom

Boom! As it goes towards the skies

I watch as they fall alive

Broken arms, broken bones, I watch them die all alone

Nobody sees them as Family,

I have to watch them die, watch them leave through the sky

From Flesh to Ashes, I watch them cry, I watch them die

OOOH, I don’t want to watch them fall alone . . .

With my own body hitting the ground too,

I watch their skin fall off, I watch them peel like dried glue

They sink alone in the ground, no burial to keep them around

No funeral, no gratitude, nothing is given to those who

Those who, those who, have fallen alone on the Airfield

Have taken their own to this Death Zone


Watch them go up, and I’ll watch myself cry, Why-Oh-Why

Leave them alone, the clouds mushroom over us

Like nature is burying us underground, from the Universe’s view

Nobody gets to see them fall like I do . . .


Ah, hold onto her hand as she cries for food,

Don’t kill yourself to save someone else too

Feeling alone, feeling lost, we all have something on our own

Carrying something that makes us stronger,

Our bodies decay faster than we decided to be Family

No decay, no suffocation, nothing left of them here

There will always be a stick, a twig, standing for them

Staring at the sky for their empty heads,

Dreaming of happy events instead of these gloomy days

Left to sink alone, I feel the pain all on my own

I watched them fall through the soils,

Nobody is coming back up, no smile in sight

Just the ones that were forced upon their bloody faces


Hold a gun to their head, make them scream, make them cry-cry-cry

Watch me stand ahead, watch me lead them to the Sky-Sky-Sky

Take her hand, hold it tight, don’t ever let go in the end of a Night

Don’t ever let her hand go, just watch as she goes alone,

Just remember her name, and keep her safe on your own

Because she is the one for you, and you needed her more than she needed you

Say goodbye World, I’m here to stay, alone on my own

Alone on my own,

Say good bye World,

I’m here to stay,

Alone on my own,

Alone on my own

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