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*** WARNING: August Songs have some Bad Language in them *** Please take this with caution. If you agree to these terms and conditions. Then please proceed. This is my Songs, my Lyrics shared to the World Of Movellas. Some of these songs are being performed by some close friends and relatives. Rock-Bands, Rappers, and all the ones that love Music. Everyone is invited. If you ever want to sing one of these songs' Go ahead. Just don't steal the content. Thanks.
- Luke J.R


97. (Drug Abuse) [FEBRUARY 2015] -Relationships-

Oh, Oh, Oh, Oh, Oh-o, Oh, Oh, Oh, OH, OH, OH-o

I’m sitting here with bench beside me

I’m lasting longer than the rest behind me

I’m stuck here without the monkey

The Golden Monkey I call Frankie

A Warrior with Martial Arts installed

A Saviour with his mighty power!

A Warrior! One who’ll do you a favour


On the green hills past the valley, past the world in the seas

Oh the fields, so hurtful, so dangerous to the need

So painful, so lasting, so intoxicating for the weak

I need you, I need this, this plastic bag you call piss

All it is, all it is, is a little speck of dust in my mouth

All it is, All it is, I just need it right now!

I know it hurts when I take it from you

I know it’s pain that you feel inside of you

I feel the pain that you remain, all over you

If I was dumb, I’d give you some, but it’s all mine

It saves me from days, daises and things that mays

I don’t need, I don’t need, a goddamn lecture on everything


A Warrior! A strong one, from Monkey to strength

I need this, I need this, it’ll keep me up in length

Believe me, Believe me, when I tell you all this

Don’t say to me, don’t say to me that I’m drinking piss

Don’t lie to me, Don’t lie to me, don’t tell me that I need to miss

It’s not a joke, I am this bloke, someone who needs this!

Someone, Someone, Someone, who needs to take it down for me

Someone, Someone, Someone, who needs to settle down for tea

Don’t be fooled by me, I’m an illusion inside of me

Don’t be tricked by my trickery, I’m a liar and fusion

Don’t fall for me, I’m not what you think I am

I try to, I try to, I try to hide it from you

Believe me, Believe me! BELIEVE ME!

I’m doing this, I’m doing this, I’m doing this

For you, For you, For you, For you-who-who-you

Don’t be fooled by me, Don’t be lied to by me

I’m a party, a world on top of me, I need you and I need this

Plastic piss, whatever you call it, it’s not and you saw it

You tried it once before, a drug that made you feel more

So much more, So much more, So much more inclined to fight

For you, for you, for you, for you, FOR YOU!


A Warrior, A Mistress, A Powerful woman in histories

A stronger, defeated, foe of the deceased

I am, I am, I am what you call me

A Warrior, A Male, A strong man who has a tale

Not a tail, no, no, no, unless you know something I don’t

Don’t be fooled (Don’t be fooled) by the lasting calls of you

Don’t be tricked, Don’t be tricked, by my magic sways of swish

Your eyes, Your eyes, you’ll realize that you had it all

With power and this stuff, you’ll feel, you’ll feel, you’ll FEEL


SO MUCH MORE, SO MUCH MORE, so much more, so much more…


[Female Vocals:

Ah, Aha, Ah, Aha, Ah, Ah, Ah, Aha, Ah-ha-ha, Ah-ha-ha, Ah, Ah, I-I-I-I

I Need this, I need this, so stronger and so longer

Feels for it, Oh I need it, I’m weak without it for now

Don’t be fooled, Don’t be lied to by the power of will

Don’t give up, I’m a liar to you, I hold the power over you

I am stronger! A Warrior, a woman if you knew

Don’t be so fooled, Don’t be so fooled, I can lie to you

And get away with it, and I can stay with it and live with it

You can’t even sleep with it, so give it me, and hand me the key

Because I-I-I-I, Because I-I-I-I Have the POWER over YOU

And you are Male, as I am You, I could be, I could be

But I’m not, so don’t get me started on you!

I need this, I need this, all the power inside of blue

Blue Crystals, Meth and more! I need this, I need this

So much more, So much more, So much more!


Think me weak, think me less? I’m actually thoughtless

I don’t see you, I don’t want you, but if only you knew

So HIGH on that stuff you take, I’ve lied to you and I overtake

All over you, ALL OVER YOU, I have the power inside of here

A heart that don’t melt so easily, so easily, so easily





You’re my, you’re my, my one and only Drug Dealer

A fool to take from me, don’t worry, don’t worry,

You’ll soon see… You’ll soon see…

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