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*** WARNING: August Songs have some Bad Language in them *** Please take this with caution. If you agree to these terms and conditions. Then please proceed. This is my Songs, my Lyrics shared to the World Of Movellas. Some of these songs are being performed by some close friends and relatives. Rock-Bands, Rappers, and all the ones that love Music. Everyone is invited. If you ever want to sing one of these songs' Go ahead. Just don't steal the content. Thanks.
- Luke J.R



[Female Vocal] – [Scene: Blonde Teenage Girl on a Curb with makeup smeared across her face.]

On a curb, on a curb, with my hands on my lap. I just wait, I just wait . . .

On a curb, on a curb, with my hands on my face. I just wait, I just wait.


[Male Vocals] (Rap) – [Scene: Standing on a Roof and singing down to the world.]

It’s getting’ pretty late, little girl. You seem out of place.

What a shame’ I should tell. I should tell you. What to do.

You never would have said it. If I came along, you would’ve regret it.

I could’ve told you. I could’ve told you why I love you.

You never were so clear . . . you never wanted to go.

You were always your own person, and the answer was always, No!


[Female Vocals] – [Scene: Slow motion, stop-motion animation. Police searching her]

On a curb, on a curb, with my hands on the wall.

On a curb, on a curb, with me holding them up so they don’t fall.


[Male Vocals] (Rap) – [Scene: He has sunglasses on and is devastated to see his daughter in pain]

Lights go off. Light go back on, it’s not enough.

You see me up here. Now you’re down, down, down there!

You need me and I need you before it’s too late. Before it’s too late!

You hear those sirens, baby. They’re the ones that’ll take you away . . .

T-take you away . . . from me. Away from the world and away from me.

It’s not a joke. It’s only stuff, you shouldn’t get involved in.

I stood back against a wall, tried smoking a pack of four.

Then I realised. You were worth far much more!


[Female Vocals] – [Scene: Her hair ripped out by other girls and attacked by muscular police officers]

On a curb, on a curb, with my hands against the wall. Raise those hands!

On a curb, on a curb, with my hands on the wall. You’re under arrest.

Oh *beep*, I don’t like this at all . . .


[Male Vocals] – (Rap) – [Scene: He is standing closer to the edge of the rooftop]

Sirens, light! Yeah, yeah! I took a one 87 from under the hat.

I shot him, and he aren’t coming’ back!

Stack, stack, and stack. Yeah! I’ve stolen him from you.

He’s dead. Away from the town, away from the crowd of possession.

Bullet holes went straight into his little face. His armoured skull, his down, down, down.

No longer around. Just like you wanted it. I can’t live with myself . . .

I shot him for you. I’m a father of 72, it feels that way!

I guess I’m just a bit, just a bit of a wondrous man.

Pow! His down on the floor. Should I steal or should I sail?

Sailing away, would mean me to leave. It would mean a lot to me, baby!

Take away! – You have what is real. A painful life, what did fuckin’ steal?


[Female Vocals] – [Scene: Lying down in alcohol stained carpets in clubs, drowning in empty bottles.]

On a curb, on curb, with my face through it all. Drowning . . .

Beers will fall. On a curb, on a curb, with my hands against the wall.


Sailing aren’t for me.

But baby, I want it to be . . .

You are lost for words. Just admit that you failed me.

Never, never! I’m not as stupid, as your little seller. The one with the dweller, who hides in your cellar.

Never say never. You lost me anyway, against the wall, against the wall, raise those hands!

Don’t let them take you. Don’t let them take you . . .

Sailing aren’t for me. Daddy . . .

I guess you can’t run away from your crimes . . . remember all those fun times . . . the sirens are coming back! The sirens are coming back! The sirens are coming back! Don’t you see . . . we had a world full of history! A great family. And daughter, why did you do this to me . . . ?

I aren’t coming back, I aren’t coming back, and sorry I lost you. You were impossible to keep up with.

Sirens are coming back. Sirens are coming back. Daddy is going down, down, down . . .

Bye, my love. By, my sweet love. Daughter of mine, you are my mine. I’m sorry to sound cheesy, but we have that in this world. In our family, and in our homes and our anniversary you spent with me.

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