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*** WARNING: August Songs have some Bad Language in them *** Please take this with caution. If you agree to these terms and conditions. Then please proceed. This is my Songs, my Lyrics shared to the World Of Movellas. Some of these songs are being performed by some close friends and relatives. Rock-Bands, Rappers, and all the ones that love Music. Everyone is invited. If you ever want to sing one of these songs' Go ahead. Just don't steal the content. Thanks.
- Luke J.R


98. (A Life Story) [February 2015] -Written By Luke J.R- SONG / POEM (Drama-Play)

(Female Smooth Vocals – Slow)

Dark nights, restless fights, I watch it all

From my bedroom door at night, ah-ha-ha (aha) at night

Watching you fight at the dawn of light

Makes me want to take a spin in your car

Watching you fight at the dawn of the night

I can only see why you need me

Don’t ask nicely, Don’t ask politely (Aha, Ha-ha-ha, Aha)

I watching you fight, every night, every night

You shouting at night, screaming in light

I can’t see you anymore, and my family

You’ll at the door all the time, fighting back

Always backing away from me, hiding your thoughts

Lying to me! (Umm) (Oh-Who-Oh-Who)

Lying to me, keeping me awake

Telling me, that my life is at stake

Am I just, Am I just a joke to you?

As I was raised, did you ever knew?

Am I awake? Am I alone? Why do I always hear the phone?

Am I on a tone? A voice tone for you? Am I here for you?

(Who knew) Will I find you? Will I find a perfect place?

Instead of feeling the need to peal my face

And take it off, and take it off, all night and all through light too

I’m wanting to run, run away, and get away from you

Instead, I’m lying for you, keeping this secret

Is killing me, but you’re hard one, and you don’t seem to be

Why are you lying for me? Can’t I just meet peace?

Do I have to, Do I have to sing my piece?

Am I alight? Am I on fire? Am I dying inside?

Who knew you were a Liar?

I never knew that you only knew, the world outside is cruel to you

Look at me! Look at me! Your own daughter, she needs you, she needs you

Without a mother, I’m left to fight for her, to keep her alive for you

To make the world renew, yours only, not everyone’s, I can’t do that

Because the world can be cruel to you, to you, to you (who knew)

Resting my head on this warm bed, I’m hopeless too, I’m hopeless too

Am I dying in front of you? Am I crying for a who? Am I staying just for you?

I wanted to fight, but after all the watching and screaming, who knew, who knew

That it was YOU, who knew, who knew, That you’d kill for me

How was I to know that you were cruel just like you knew, and I grew up to be

Your daughter, but I feel like a slaughter for you, a second victim, who knew, who knew

That I’d die to you, my own father, my own healer, my own stealer, my own daughter

Who would I knew? Would you ever sue? Just to be with you, am I right for you?

Here I am, lying here on a bed, where it all started – the words you said to me

Mother, I miss you, I want to kiss you, I want to keep you, I want you back, I want you back

(Cries) Who ever knew, who ever knew, that I would die to you…

Can you live with all that pain and grief… alone?

Who, oh who, who oh who, who would of knew… that you were a Killer, an even thriller

No longer a winner, unless you knew, you knew, that you were good to me and Boo

No longer will I say goodnight… to you, and if only you knew, you knew, you knew…

That I was a fighter, I was your daughter, I was your lover, and your deepest hater for you…


- Beep – Beep – Beep – Beep – Beep – Beep –

(Father walks over to the window, his hands covered in blood)


(Looks down at the passing cars below)

“Who would have knew, that you would grew to be, grow to be, a lover of who?”

(Watches as the cars go slower to his mind)

“You should have knew, I deserved to, the way I treated you, the way I kept you from all those things.”

(Blood drips down his shirt) – (some of it lands on his shoes) – (Slowly walking to the hallway)

“Only you knew, Only you knew, who-oh-who, who-oh-who did this to you? Was it me? I loved you as we do, we loved you too”

(Sirens in the background) – (Father looks at his daughter’s room one last time, closing the door slowly, turning off the night light)

My words are getting shorter, my time is slaughter. Your crime is ought to bring you down. I was your daughter, one of another, your eldest daughter who really loved you.

I don’t blame you for my well-being, my life is new, my life is new, I-I-I can see you, I-I-I can see you, right in front of me, the perfect father you shall be just to me…

As I awake from my sleep… I want to see, I want to see, I can’t wait to see you and me, our faces smiling away and our gloomy days are free…

(Father looks down the stairs, as he sees the blood dripping onto his shoes) – (Almost breaking into sadness, he walks faster and dashes down the stairs) – (A couple are pushed into the wall by the father, he runs and runs to the Exit) – (The couple gasped)

“Time as we knew, it would always be forever and ever… if only you knew, we weren’t so different after all, after all… I can forgive you after that fall, such a fall, losing Mother cost us more, and more, and more…”

My final words to you from your final daughter, the one you slaughter, the one you ought to leave her, alone to find you, I’ll see you again and I can’t wait to hug you, my father, my father. I deeply love you, and I miss you, but I won’t keep you away from me again…

(Father lying on the ground with a blood stained shirt, missing his shoes, half of his face brutally beaten.)

“Sir! Wake up mate, you don’t look too good bro…”




“Come on mate, you can pull through it!”

“We need an ambulance!”

“I called one” – “He’ll be alright”

“OKAY, GOOD, Ah, ah, I can finally, oh mate (WE NEED TO KEEP HIM BREATHING!)

“Daddy come closer, I miss you most, back that way is my final ghost. Do you want to be haunted by all the baddies? Or do you want the most? Our of you and me? Together, we’ll be one Happy Family.”

“We have him on standby” – *Ambulance sirens*




“come on mate, you can do it, YOU CAN… do it.”

“Sally, It’s me, Your mother!”

“Please, brother, don’t die like dad”

“Together we were supposed to be, you know, just you and me!”

“Not now, he needs time…”



“You gave us quite a fright, you always pulled through, my baby.”

“Daddy, it’s me, your adopted daughter, I loved you so much!”

“Give him time…”

“Sally, come on! I’m here for you, Your MOTHER!”

“Come on Sally, you need to calm down, we just need to give him time…”

“Oh, he’s awake!” (Happy faces all around him, some blurred than others)

“Mom, Jodie, who-where’s dad?” The father spoke.

“He didn’t want to come, don’t be silly though, he loves you, he does!”

“Not as much as he loves you…” (he gasps for air)

“Try to calm down, you need to breathe, relax, come on.”

“I KILLED HER…” He spoke with his final breath.


“Nonsense, come on, calm down!”

“NO! I DID, I DID KILL HER, I’m a terrible father… a terrible person” (Sobs)



“You really need to calm down. How else you going to get better? Come on mate, calm down.”

“I Killed her because of you, Sally… mom, I did it for you.” (Sobs) “And her, I did it for her, and I did it for me too…”

“How can you commit to murder at a time like this?”

“Because I’m not going to make it. I don’t want to make it, I don’t want to live a lie, and tell my family that I murdered the most precious thing in my life due to selfishness.”

“You have a lot to say for yourself, young man!”

“No, he don’t. He has said his lines, his words of his choosing, who are we to disagree?”

“Come on, Sally, I don’t think this LOSER deserves to even see us…”





Ambulance Sirens outside*

“I’m coming home baby, my sweet, sweet little girl…”

(the Father smiles as his body has a breakdown, dying slowly with his smile widening.)


Me and them came up with this idea, and then I made a story based off a True Story.

Sadly, this does happen and we all need to remember that for these reasons alone:


- Story By : Luke J.R –

Song / Poem : Luke J.R –

Script : Luke J.R

Stage Performance (Friends)


Be Sure To Feel For Others,


- Based On A True Story -





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