50 Shades of errr...what?

Ellie and her best friend, Sam, want to travel the world ! Problems of course
1. there16 (17 soon)
2. Evil parents wont let them
However there determind to and have saved up all there lives as they just finshed school!
She meet a very cute boy but she had a boyfriend ,luke. :( he was mean :(
he also had a girl friend
Was it love at first sight ? or was it 50 shades of errr...what?


4. Why me

I just think sometimes why me out if all the girls in the work why me why not Taylor swift ,Demi, why not instead it my noodle hair tht turns him on my Irish accent just why I'm so lucky and I need to notice that he could slip through my fingers and find a more attractive girl and I need to make him mine
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