50 Shades of errr...what?

Ellie and her best friend, Sam, want to travel the world ! Problems of course
1. there16 (17 soon)
2. Evil parents wont let them
However there determind to and have saved up all there lives as they just finshed school!
She meet a very cute boy but she had a boyfriend ,luke. :( he was mean :(
he also had a girl friend
Was it love at first sight ? or was it 50 shades of errr...what?


1. Tick Tock ...

The clock hand just a few secounds away 3...2...1 ! a MASSIVE roar bellwed through the school. Me and sam pucshed through the crowd to get on the bus but then  i saw my boyfriend .Pure evil. he dosnt even love me the crumpet  im just for show. We sat next to him.

''what you gonna do for summer,'' i just smiled at

knowing what he wanted to hear i replied with

''spending time with you,'' he cuddled me I HATE HIM SO MUCH .urggg! The bus stopped at the closest stop to my house me and sam ran into my house i grabbed my suitcase i shuved eveything in it ,but not my uniform.i heard my mum come in 

''oh curumba'' whispered sam in my ear.i  zipped up my suitcase grabber my phone and cash and jumped out my window  into the pool so did sam my mum couldnt know...she kill me .....

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