50 Shades of errr...what?

Ellie and her best friend, Sam, want to travel the world ! Problems of course
1. there16 (17 soon)
2. Evil parents wont let them
However there determind to and have saved up all there lives as they just finshed school!
She meet a very cute boy but she had a boyfriend ,luke. :( he was mean :(
he also had a girl friend
Was it love at first sight ? or was it 50 shades of errr...what?


2. On the run ||AMERICA||

Sam threw my suitcase down before she jumped if your wondering .she snuck the the gate soaking wet...but it gonna be worth it i said in my head we  headed toward Sams her mum never in or dad so we got changed at her and she packed he suitcase then we on the run ...

we went the back way ... it was like 5 miles to the airport but we didn't want to waste any money on a taxi.we got to checkout and asked for the first ticket to america  . we sat there for hours i was eating a chicken sandwich mm. Sam just sat next to boys flirting with them . we bored out plane  if im honest i hate flying ,the plane look like it was about to collapse  me and Sam we sat together thank god but there were 3 seats  and there 3 seat has reserved. all i thought was snoring old man or screaming kid.oh god .but the guy wasn't a man or kid he was a teenager but no any teenager Harry Styles i wasn't really much of a 1D fan i didn't like them i was OLLY MURS fan . 

''Hello ladies,do you mind i sit here,'' He said 


''SAM! calm down''i nudged her

''Hi im Ellie and...''i introduced yourself

''IM SAM !''

Sam flirted all the way there with harry they giggled and laughed. Sam was in the middle of me and harry until he ask to swap seat obviously she did and when she went to the toilet. Harry said i was very acttravtive and that he liked my curly brunette hair.

''You know your very actravtive,'' he moved closer

''do you want my number,'' he moved even closer,

''No! i have a boyfriend and you have a girlfriend and im only 16 your 18,''i declared

''Not anymore'' winked and smiled

Sam came back i turned away i didn't like harry styles he 's a player

he wanted to know where we was going after we landed

''we dont know''

if im honest i think harry also attractive who doesn't. after hours of quizzing from harry we landed  in California we had no idea where we was going  we finally got out of the airport and we walked to straight on .I LOVE AMERICA. I do really do . i think harry's stalking me we ran into him on the beach it was a lovely beach . he grabbed my hand dragged me into a beach hut .....


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