50 Shades of errr...what?

Ellie and her best friend, Sam, want to travel the world ! Problems of course
1. there16 (17 soon)
2. Evil parents wont let them
However there determind to and have saved up all there lives as they just finshed school!
She meet a very cute boy but she had a boyfriend ,luke. :( he was mean :(
he also had a girl friend
Was it love at first sight ? or was it 50 shades of errr...what?


5. Oh niall

Harry held my hand and we walked through the crowds together it the first Time they've seen us together it official ! To celebrate Harry made a lovely pancakes for us with syrup just how I like it .i love him really much but Nialland hanging around me ? ''Ellie!'' 'Yeah' I replied Niall asked me if Harry was in town he had to do a photo shoot for mizz I told him .he grabbed my hand and kissed me on the lips I tried to resist but he too strong I will never forgive myself for that I must never tell Harry .
'Niall!' I screamed 'I'm not at all attracted to you ,what Sarah going to think of this ,remover you girlfriend '

He just stared at me in silence
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