50 Shades of errr...what?

Ellie and her best friend, Sam, want to travel the world ! Problems of course
1. there16 (17 soon)
2. Evil parents wont let them
However there determind to and have saved up all there lives as they just finshed school!
She meet a very cute boy but she had a boyfriend ,luke. :( he was mean :(
he also had a girl friend
Was it love at first sight ? or was it 50 shades of errr...what?


3. Hes the one


took me into a bedroom lay me on the bed and started kissing me i could resist but i didn't want to he was an amazing kisser so passionate .

'' im crazy about you Ellie,I love you''i stared into his beautiful green eyes and said nothing .

do DA di da~my text tone

i got a text of Sam :

'I hate you so much how could you be kissing harry u knew i fancied him what Luke going to think well he can tell you'

brrrring brring ~ringtone i pushed of harry and ....


Ellie how could u be kissing that curly haired freak im your boyfriend..

not a good one though are you

shut up you get your pretty little bum to me now !

no its over you hear it!

shut up it not get your bum here now!

get over it !

i hung up and k i$$ed harry with passion.he grabbed my hand and took me on the beach ,picked me up and threw me in the sea 


''what a life with me is full of adventure''

he picked me up  and asked me to be his girlfriend 


who wouldn't i met the boys and greeted them.There really nice.and cute but harry s cuter.and niall is hungry alot i mean alot! You've done well harry look at her she gorgeous said Louis it really nice to hear that thees boys are amazayn brilliam extradinahrry  phenominiall faboulouis.

Harry had a business meeting,niall wanted to get to know me so he took me out to nandos(so romantic)hopefully he like me.he asked me everything and the 'one thing' we have in common is we love food!

it been perfect today harry s letting me stay in his room and said maybe something might go on there ;) i have no idea where sam is i dont care anymore.


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