Isn't She Lovely - Missing You

Niall, Isabell and their 2 twins are living their life like any other new family would, but what happens when Niall has to go on tour?


2. With The Boys


     We were sitting at the modern kitchen table eating dinner and all I could think of was how great life was right now. To make it even better I could invite the boys around later on. I stopped eating and rested my arms on each side of my plate looking at my food and thinking. "You okay?" Isabell takes a break from helping the twins with their food and turns to look up at me. Her beautiful eyes were staring into mine. If I described them in one breath, I would faint. They were that perfect to look at and they were worth a thousand words. The gorgeous dark blue right that outlined her irus, moving inwards to the pupil it turned into a cyrstal blue, then green was showing throughout, then brown circling the pupil that didn't just look black, but it was filled with love and passion. Her feeling always showed throughout her eyes and I never really had to ask her if she was okay or not because usually I could tell. "I was just wondering, do you think we could invite the boys round later just to hang out?" I wasn't really a question, I was just consulting her and letting her know what I was doing, hoping she would agree. She chewed her food and swollowed it down to quickly say, "Ofcourse, that's a great idea." We finished our dinner I called up Liam to ask him if he was up for hanging tonight. As he phone rang Liam answered.

"Hello, Liam here," he spoke.

"Hey Liam, it's Niall. Just wondering if you and the boys want to come round tonight?"

"Yes, that would be great. I'm with Zayn now and he looks like her wants to come, but I'm not with the other boys. You'll have to give them a call," he answered.

"Sure, will do. Cya soon," as I hung up I searched for Harry's contact. "What did he say," Isabell was wiping the mess off the twins and the little table they sat on. "Liam said yes and so did Zayn but I need to call Harry and Lou." "Okay, no problem," she gave me a quick smile and went back to the kids. I held the phone up to my ear waiting for Harry to answer.

"Hello?" a voice said through the phone. It wasn't Harry, but it sounded like Louis.


"Yeah, Harry just went to the toilet. Do you want to wait or call back?" he asked.

"I can ask you actually. Do you and Harry want to pop round soon?" I asked hoping he would say yes.

"Ummhh...sure why not. We will be their in about 20 minutes. Bye"

"Bye Lou," I hung the phone up and went to help Isabell with the washing up. The kids were sat in the activity room now. I'm guessing they were singing and dancing by what I could hear. It was nice to be helping my wonderful wife do the cleaning. I have always despised the men who don't do any house work for their ladies. Ladies aren't just meant for cleaning and sex. Seriously, I hate men that think that. It just gets me so angry even thinking about it. I wanted to stop thinking about it so I brought up conversation. "They will be here soon babe. After we have done this do you want me to get the kids to bed?" It was a mothers instinct when her children should go to bed so I didn't want to interfeir with that. "Well, they can say a quick hello to the boys first and then straight off to bed," she answered and flicked some suds on me. I covered my hair to protect it. "haha, you care a lot about your hair," she giggled. A smirk grew on my face and I stepped closer to her and rapped my arm around her waist pulling her close. I needed to destract her so I stared into her eyes hoping she would stare back and with my luck, she did. I moved my hands up to the sink and grabbed some suds in my hands then splat it on her head and ran away. "NIALL!" she laughed. "WASN'T ME," I shouted back to her. I knew she would get her revenge back at some point when I least exspect it. She always did that. She would probably wait one or two days before attempting to get me back. I was resting in the lounge looking out the door way just to be sure.



      I know he is going to think I will seek my revenge in the next couple of days, so I want to suprise him by getting him now. I grabbed shit load of suds and carried them around the house looking for him. I was dropping water everywhere but I didn't care at this moment. I looked around and finally found him looking out the doorway of the lounge. I krept throught the other door that entered to the lounge and slowly made my way to wear he sat on the coach. As I got right behind him, he looked up and saw me, but as he looked up I threw the suds all over him. I laughed and ran away out into the hall. "GET HERE NOW!" he played. I ran into the kitchen and stood at the other side of the table. "WOAH!" I heard Niall scream and I also heard a bang. "NIALL!" I ran back to the hall and saw him on the ground. "Niall," I laughed, "I'm so sorry, I dropped water there." "My head hurts," he rubbed the back of his head and when he looked at his hand there was blood on it. I amidiantly stopped laughing. "Niall, I'm so sorry. We need to call our doctor and get him down here." Just as I was on the phone to the family doctor, the boys arrived. "WHAT HAPPENED?" Liam asked as he walked in. He saw Niall sat on the floor with blood on his hands. "Isabells gone insane, help me please," Niall cried. "WHAT!" Harry was shocked. I was trying to talk on the phone but I was shocked by what Niall said so I just stared at Niall in suprise. "I'm kidding," Niall laughed, but stopped quickly because his head hurt too much. "I will go get the kids ready for bed," Louis smiled with hope and walked towards the activity room he we could hear them playing. "Thanks Loui. The doctor is on his way," I put the phone back in my pocket. "Uncle Louis," the twins screamed from in the other room. "Come on kids, lets get you ready for bed," he laughed. 20 minutes later and the doctor arrived. He examined Niall and covered up his wound. "You're fine," the doctor stated. Oh thank god. " will need to reast for a couple of days with no telly, no singing, no moving about too quick, no drinking alcohol and deffently no smoking," he fished. "That's okay. I don't smoke, but I do sing," Niall added upset to hear that he couldn't sing. I know how much Niall hated smokers and when Zayn use to smoke he couldn't stand to be around him because of the smell. "Here are some tablets, make sure you take one every 7 hours even if it meens you have to wake up at night," the doctor informed. "Thank you," I said as the doctor left. I helped Niall up and placed him on the couch. "Oh, let me wide the floor for you so nobody else slips," Zayn rushed into the laundry cupboards to get an old towel to wipe up the water and a bit of blood. "Thank you Zayn," I shot him a quick smile and went back to Niall. "The kids are asleep now," Louis walked into the room and ploped on the couch across from Niall and I. "Thank you Lou," I kindly said but I was still looking at Niall. WOW, I was giving so many thank you's to everyone, but they deserved them. They were all so kind. Harry brought in a tray of brews and biscuits. "I thought we should just drink brew seeing as Niall can't drink, and we don't want to be drinking around him," Harry cared a lot about his friends and never wanted them to feel uncormfotable with anything. All the boys finally sat around on the couches and floor and we just talked. "So Liam, how is Ashley doing in New York?" I asked. I hadn't been able to call Ashley in the past few days because I was busy sorting the kids out for school. She was in New York for a photo shoot. She now became a modle after Liam mentioned her to some photographers. Oh, and they are engaged by the way. 1 and a half years up to date I think. "Yeah, she's doing great. She sent me a picture of her and her new friend she met named Sarah. She looks like she is really enjoying herself," all parts of Liam's face was shining after I ask that question. His eyes were glowing, his smile was showing and his eyebrows were raised in happiness. His eyes were full of love, but he didn't miss her, he felt happy for her. "Great, when will she be back?" I was missing her a lot though. "In about 3 days," he smiled. Great I couldn't wait. I nodded and smiled, then I turned to Niall who was lead down on the couch staring at me. Poor Niall. I walked up to our room, grabbed a pillow and brought it back to him and rested his head on it. "Better?" I asked with a small smile on my face. "Much better," he grabbed my hand and kissed it, only because he didn't want to get up and hurt his head just to kiss my face. He led back and stared into my eyes and I stared back. "Babe?" he asked. "Yes Niall, what is it?" I stroked my hand on his cheek. "Are you going to be okay with the kids in the morning?" he asked. "Oh that's okay," Louis butted in, "I can help. Well......if I stay the night anyway." "Sure, then would be great. You can all stay the night boys, it's getting quite late anyway," Niall said softly as he didn't want to hurt his head. "Thanks Niall," the boys all said, not at the same time or the same way though, but they said something along those lines. "Well, I might drop off to bed now, you boys can sleep in the spare bedrooms," I got up and helpped Niall up aswell. "Goodnight," they each said. Niall put his arm around my waist and we slowly walked up to our bedroom. He got into bed and covered himself up. "Niall? What about you clothes," I said while taking off my shirt and jeans. I was left with my undies and bra on to sleep in, but when I got in bed I took of my bra and slid down under the covers. "Oh yeah," he moaned and got up to take his shirt off and his pants, left with his red boxers. He slowly got into bed next to me and I grabbed his hand and we both dozed off in eachothers grip. 

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