Isn't She Lovely - Missing You

Niall, Isabell and their 2 twins are living their life like any other new family would, but what happens when Niall has to go on tour?


14. Why Me God? Why Me?


I woke up in the morning and got dressed straight away. I was planning on seeing Isabell and Niall today. I don't know if the boys want to come or not. I will have to ask them. I went down stairs and grabbed a bowl of cereal with a fork. I didn't care what the cereal was, as long as I ate something. As I ate Zayn brought Sam in and gave him his breakfast. He sat at the chair across from me. "You're doing a great job Zayn," I smiled. "Thanks," he smiled back shyly. I never knew Zayn had it in him. He would be a great dad. "So, you going to the hospital today?" he asked but whispered the word hospital around Sam. I nodded. "Can he come?" I pointed to Sam. "I dunno, you'll have to call Niall and ask. "Okay, will do, but just keep that spoon away from me," I brought out my phone and dialled in Nialls number.

"Hello?" Niall answered.

"Hey buddy, just called to check something. Can Sam come today?" I asked with my mouth stuffed of cornflakes I think it was.

"No, I don't think that would be good. Maybe you could get my mum to look after him," he replied.

"But you're mum doesn't know what's happening. Do you want me to tell her?" I asked.

"Ummh...I really don't know," he sighed, "Can we just leave it for now?"

"Sure. I'll just make up some phoney excuse," I said.

"Okay, thank you Liam. Cya soon," he ended the call just after I said bye to him back. "So?" Zayn asked. "I'm just going to give Niall's Mum a call," I answered. "Okay," he said continuing to help Sam with his food. I finished my breakfast and placed the bowl in the sink filling it with water. "You know what, stuff this I can't be bother washing this bowl. It seriously is not the point in time that I can actually be washing this," I groaned. "You better wash it mister or you'll get it from me," Louis commanded as he walked in just wearing his boxers. "Zayn...AH AH," Sam nudged Zayn to put another spoon full of breakfast in his mouth. I shivered at the thought of that spoon. "How can you seriously stand that spoon?" I laughed as I did as Louis told me. "Zayn stop fixing your hair and take care of the baby. Anyway, just because he's not a weirdo like you," Louis answered back. "Thanks, that means so much," I sarcastically answered as I wiped my soapy hands dry. "Get dress Loui, we need to go out soon," Harry walked in. "Oh, really? Where?" Louis asked. "Hospital," I whispered over to him. "You're going to go to Nana's house Sam," Zayn said wiping his mouth with a napkin. "NANA! NANA! YEY!" Sam smiled. I how sad it is that Sam doesn't understand the situation on which is happening at this time. I just wish that the police could hurry up and find Charlotte already. Nobody here should deserve this tragedy. No one in the world should have to go through this. It's not right. I stood at the counter staring blankly outside until I got pulled out of my thoughts by a phone ringing. "Hello?" Harry answered his phone, "NO! I have already told you we aren't coming back yet!" He swung down his phone onto the table. "What was that about?" Louis questioned. I was thinking the same thing. "Stupid management wants us to come back when we have told them time and time again that we can't!" he panted his anger off his chest to relax. "Someone give him a stress ball," Zayn laughed. haha, that was right. "Very funny," Harry tried to keep a straight face but couldn't hold it as he gave out a small snort of laughter. "I need to get changed," Louis said running off. "Yes you do," I said following him with my eyes. He ran up the stairs and out of sight. "I feel so sorry for Niall right now," Harry admitted. "I know, he's going through so much right now," Zayn answered cleaning Sam's and Charlotte's small table that they eat at. "Yeah," I agreed. Two minutes later Louis came running down into the kitchen doing up him shirt. "Ready," he said finishing his last button. "Let's go," Harry said grabbing his keys of the kitchen counter. We got into the car and started to drive. "Oh, by the way Harry, we are taking Sam to Maura's house," I said. "Yep, I know," he smiled in the rear view mirror at me. "Zayn...seriously," I heard Louis say to Zayn in the back. I turned around and I saw Zayn sorting his hair on the back of Louis shiny phone. haha.

We have dropped Sam off and we are now walking up to the hospital entrance. As I get in the smell of hospitals blows my way. "Oh god, here we go again, another hospital," I mumbled. Thankfully no one heard me. "Excuse me?" Louis said to the reseptionist. "Yes," she answered. "We are looking to find out what room Isabell Horan is staying in?" he asked. "Oh yep, here she is," she said staring at her computer, "205, 3rd floor." Now smiling at us, we all thanked her and walked to the room. *KNOCK KNOCK* Zayn knocked at the door. "Yep," a voice cracked from the other side. Louis slowly opened the door and we saw Zayn sitting next to the bed. It looked as if he has been crying. "Zayn? Are you okay?" Harry asked. He nodded and looked back to Isabell who was lying on the bed and looked as if she was lifeless. This is a terrible sight. I don't mean that in a bad way. I mean, it's just sad to see someone you love and calm for on the verge of dying. The boys and I walked around the bed and surround it blocking all view to and from the outside world.


Oh few, I'm glad I'm okay. What are all the boys looking at? And how the hell did I get in a hospital? This is crazy right here. "Oi, what are you boys looking at?" I asked still standing behind them all. All their backs were turned away from me. "Oi, Liam? Harry? Zayn? Louis?.....Niall?" why aren't they answering me. I went to tug on Louis' shirt but my hand went straight through. What the hell is happening? This must be just a dream then. That couldn't possibly happen. "I need the toilet. Be right back," Zayn admitted. It made a small gap in the huddle as he left. now I could see what they were all looking at. "WHAT!" I shouted, but none of the boys turned around or even heard me. "That's me, lying on that bed right there! What's happening to me!?" I cried. Machines started to beep faster and faster. What is it doing? The boys started to worry and Liam called out for a doctor. "DOCTOR! ISABELL IS HAVING PROBLEMS!" he shouted down the hall. About 3 doctors came running past the boys and up to me...well not me, my body. Her heart is stopping, we need to do some work on her," one of the doctors said rushing my bed out to the theatre. "NO! WHERE ARE YOU TAKING ME!?" I screamed in tears. They can't take me away. What does this mean? Am I dead now? I obviously am if my spirit isn't in my body. "NO!" Niall cried falling to the floor. I rushed and sat next to him, even though I realized now that he couldn't see or hear me. I tried to hug him and kiss him, but my touch didn't have an effect on him either. What am I? A ghost? A spirit? I don't know, but I know for sure that I'm not human right now. I think I'm dead! I sobbed next to Niall. If only I could apologies to him and kiss his soft lips one last time. "WHY ME GOD? WHY ME?" I cried out. Tears upon tears were never ending. This isn't fair.


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