Isn't She Lovely - Missing You

Niall, Isabell and their 2 twins are living their life like any other new family would, but what happens when Niall has to go on tour?


18. Who Are The Guests?



I was sat at the kitchen table feeding the kids their breakfast when Louis walked in. He was dressed and ready. I was shocked. Louis is normally the last one ready along with Zayn. "Good morning Louis," I said. "Morning," he replied, "Hey Nialler." "Hey," Niall said standing behind the kitchen counter drinking some milk. So, you excited for today?" I asked him. "Yeah, it should be good," Louis replied. "Yeah," I agreed, "Niall is going to order Nando's for tea." "It will probably be all eaten before it gets to the table," he laughed. "Better not be," Harry walked in. "Top of the morning to ya Harry," Niall said. "Haha, awww Niall. I have never heard you say that. It's so cute, you have to say it more often," I said. "That's what I do," he laughed. "Ok, done. Now you can go play," I said to the kids. "YEY!" they shouted and ran off outside. "Good thing we got that fence thicker and made higher," Niall said. "Yeah, it is," I agreed. I can't help but party blame what happened to Charlotte on me, so to have that fence sorted out was a big relief. "I'm going to go wake the others up," Louis said. "I need to get dressed," Harry stated, so they both walked out the kitchen and up the stairs. "Well, you go get dressed and I will go watch the kids," Niall said walking out the back door. "Okay, thanks," I said. I walked up to my room and got dressed. I brushed my messy hair down one side of my shoulder and I was done. "Easy," I muttered. I walked to Ashley's and Liam's room and rocked on the door. "Come in," Liam said from the other side. "Hey," I peeped my head round the slightly opened door. "Hey," he said back with a smiled. "Just making sure you're up and awake," I said. "Yep, Ashley is just in the bathroom getting dressed and then we will be down," he replied. "Ok, great. Cya down there," I said before closing the door. I walked back down stairs and outside to Niall, Charlotte and Sam on the trampoline. "Hey honey," I kissed Niall on the cheek. "Hey, you ready to meet Louis' girlfriends brother and sister?" he asked. "Yeah, of course. It should be great," I smiled.



        It was about 5 pm now and the guests should be here any minute. I already ordered tea, so it should be here soon too. We were sitting outside the back on the outdoor couches, but Louis was sitting right close to the door so if he heard the door knock he could run straight for it. It was really funny because every time he heard the slightest noise, he would run to the door and come back alone and say that it wasn't them. Haha. *KNOCK KNOCK* "I'll get it!" Louis ran for the door. About 2 minutes later he came out with 3 people. I know which one is Sandy because I have met her before, but now it is time to meet the others. We all stood up to greet the guests. We call said our names and they it came round to the brother and sister. "Hey my name is Cassie," the girl said. "Hi, my name is Ben," the boy smiled and shuck our hands. "Nice to meet you both," Isabell smiled and hugged them both. "Oh, you should meet our kids, "SAM! CHARLOTTE!" she called out inside the house. "Charlotte?" Ben asked, "Sound's familiar." *KNOCK KNOCK* "Food's here!" Harry ran inside and went for the door. I was going to let him continue because if he answers it, he pays for it. It's the rule me and the boys made up. Sam and Charlotte ran out and stood next to Isabell. "Charlotte?" Ben said. "You know her?" I asked. "Mummy," Charlotte hid behind Isabell and she sounded really scared. "What is it babe?" she asked Charlotte. "My ex girl friend. She's the one who kidnapped her," he sadly admitted, "and I saw Charlotte but left straight away because what she was doing was wrong." "Why didn't you take Charlotte with you if you know it's so wrong!?" I almost shouted. " Kim has tourettes and if I tried taking her then Kim might of gone spastic on one of us," he admitted. "I can't believe this," Isabell said turning around and face planting into her had. Her golden brown hair fell over her face as she looked to the ground in disappointment. "Maybe "I guess I should be going then. I'm sorry for the inconvenience," Ben said and walked out the house. "I think it's best if we go too. Goodbye Louis," Sandy said and pulled Cassie with her into the house and then out the front door. Louis was so shocked. He couldn't speak. He just stood there, emotionless. "I'm sorry, Louis," I said. "Maybe we should forget about this for now and start eating," Harry said. "Harry..." I said staring at him. "What?" he asked. "As much as I'm hungry too, you shouldn't say that," I answered. "Sorry," he mumbled. "I'll just be in the lounge," Louis said and walked inside. 

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