Isn't She Lovely - Missing You

Niall, Isabell and their 2 twins are living their life like any other new family would, but what happens when Niall has to go on tour?


13. This Was Not Easy One Bit


"Zayn? You stay here with Sam. He's still in bed, but you need to wake him up before 12:00 pm okay? Me and the boys are going to search for Charlotte," "Okay," was all that Zayn could say as he sat on the couch staring out the window across from him. "Take care, cya soon," I said as the boys and I walked out the door. We walked round to the back of the house so that we were at the forest side of the back fence. "Which way?" Harry asked. "Well, let's just go that way," Louis pointed in the direction opposite from the house. We set off in that direction. "Wait, what if we get lost ourselves?" Harry paused on the spot. "Well that's why I brought a compass," I laughed bringing it out of my pocket. I held it down and saw that we were going to head south. "If we keep south we will be okay, if we need to come back, we will head north," I said and we started to walk again. After about 2 hours of walking we were getting hungry and tired. "I think we should head back, there's no sign of her being here," I sighed. "I guess you're right," Louis said. "WAIT! LOOK!" Harry said pointing to the distance. "WHAT!" Louis and I looked where he was pointing but there was no one there. "What is it?" Harry asked running towards it. As we got closer I could see what Harry was looking at. "Charlottes tiara?" I said puzzled. Louis was about to pick it up when I shouted, "DON'T TOUCH IT!" "AHH! You scared me. Why?" he replied. "Because we should tell the police about it and let them investigate it, maybe for finger prints," I said. "So right, I'll give them a call," Harry pulled out his phone and after 2 seconds he was talking to the police. When he put the phone down he said, "they will be right here in about 20 minutes. We have to sit and wait." "WHAT! BUT I'M SO HUNGRY!" Louis moaned. "Same," I said. "It's okay, they are going to bring sandwiches, I asked them to," he smirked. "haha nice," Louis cheered giving Harry a high five. "As much as we are starving, I don't think this is the time for high fives," I said. "Yeah, I guess you're right. sorry Liam," Harry apologies. "Me too," Louis added. "Oh, you don't need to apologies," I faintly smiled. We saw the police walking towards up from a far distance. "Sandwiches here we come," Harry chanted. "Here we are boys, so what's the evidence?" Sargent Stanley asked. "This tiara, it may belong to Charlotte and we haven't touched it also where are the sandwiches?" Harry asked. "Thank you," he said picking up the tiara with a glove, "Here they are," he said pointing to his assistant and he passed us our sandwiches. "YUM!" Louis cheered. We ate our sandwiches while walking back to the house. Harry phone beeped. "Twitter," he sighed. "There's so many rumours going around," Louis groaned, "It's so annoying." "What have they been saying?" I asked. "Well, some people think that the band is splitting and others think that we are adding people to the band. None of this is true! And we can't exactly tell everyone what really is happening," Harry said. "True," I replied. Situations at the moment aren't really on the best of sides so we need to try our best to keep it to ourselves. This is so terrible was is happening. So sad, so horrific. I just really hope that Isabell gets better and that the police find Charlotte. We walked inside and saw Sam huddled up next to Zayn on the couch watching telly. "What you watching," Louis interrupted them. "Football. Manchester verses Chelsea," he didn't take his eyes from the telly. "Let's go Manchester!" Louis cheered. "So how did it go?" Zayn asked me knowing he would get an answer. "well, okay I guess. We found Charlottes tiara," tears formed in my eyes. "Oh, well yeah, that's a good find," he sighed. "I'm just going to go upstairs," I sighed. "Okay, cya later," he replied and his eyes went back onto the telly. At this point all the boys were glued watching the footy. How could they be watching that at this situation. I mean...I wouldn't be able to because I'm too worried. Maybe I should go check up on Niall and Isabel. Naa, I don't want to interrupt. I went into the guest room I was staying in and huddled up in bed. I miss Charlotte so much and Isabell. I got out my phone and scrolled to Ashley’s contact. Should I call her, should I not? I can't have her worrying though. Ok, here's my plan, if she calls me, I will tell her, If not, she can wait till she gets back. I lead down and attempted to fall asleep, but it was hard.


I just want her to wake up god dam it. I miss her. I wonder how today went with the boys. I got out my phone and skimmed through the boys contacts. Who to call? It would defiantly have to be Liam. Still hold of Isabell’s hand I pressed dial on Liam’s phone. I glanced at Isabell as it was ringing.

"Hello?" Liam asked.

"Liam. Hey it's Niall. How are things?" I answered.

"Hey Niall. Well no luck with Charlotte. I'm sorry mate, but we did find her tiara. The police took it off for testing I guess," he said. I don't know how to feel. I feel happy that they found her tiara so they might find some clues but Charlotte is still missing so I don't know.

"That's good," was all that I could say.

"How are you coping?" he asked me out of the blue.

"I have defiantly been better. I don't know how to feel really," I sighed.

"Stay strong. Did you hear all the rumours about the band splitting and stuff?" he changed the topic.

"Yeah. Pretty pathetic that people assume things like that," I moaned.

"I know what you mean," I know he was referring to me in the situation of blaming Isabell.

"Don't give me that Liam!" I snapped.

"What? I was actually referring to the fans saying that we are adding a new member," he answered.

"Oh, right. Sorry," I admitted

"It's okay. Look? I got to go, but the boys and I will come round tomorrow okay?" he said.

"Okay, sounds good. Bye," I finished and hung up. A huge sigh escaped my mouth as I closed my eyes. This was not easy one bit.

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