Isn't She Lovely - Missing You

Niall, Isabell and their 2 twins are living their life like any other new family would, but what happens when Niall has to go on tour?


15. Please Niall! Let Me Survive!


It was for about 20 minutes that Niall was sat on the floor sobbing. I was trying to comfort him, but I had no use. He couldn't see me, he couldn't hear me. The boys were most likely out in the waiting room. They gave Niall some privacy, or so they thought he was in private. I was here. I want to hold him so tight and tell him that everything will be okay, but I would be wrong. Everyone wouldn't be okay. LOOK AT ME! I'm a freaking ghost of some sort. I never really believed in this, but now, well, I defiantly believe now. I sighed loudly and went to sit on the bed. "So why can I sit on the bed but not touch Niall's soft skin!?" I moaned. This is just plain old weird and scary. Niall got up and walked outside. "Hey where you going?" I ran up to him and walked beside him. I have to stop doing that. I can talk and ask all the questions I want, but I'm never going to get the answer. Niall and I caught up to the boys. "Heard anything?" Niall asked. They all shook their heads. This is disappointing. I want Niall to know that I'm hear every step of the way and I want to tell him that I care and love him. Why is life so hard at times. Why can't my life be like a fairy tale, where I can be the princess and Niall can be the prince. A doctor walked up to us and pulled Niall out the crowd. I stayed with the boys, just like I normally would in this situation, but then I realised the doctor couldn't see me so I ran over to them to listen in. "Niall, she is very fragile at the moment and she is hooked up to a lot of machines. Either she struggles for survival or you put her out of her misery," the doctor said. What! NO! Niall wouldn't do that! "PLEASE NIALL! LET ME SURVIVE!" I screamed and fell to the floor with tears falling down my pale cheek. My body was shaking from the terror of the situation we were put under. "I can't do that to her," he sobbed quietly. "That's okay, we understand, but she has about 30% of survival," the doctor added. "That's a 30% chance I'm willing to take," he said wiping the tears. "Okay. Well you can go see her now, she's in the same room," and with that the doctor bowed his head and walked off. Niall sprinted to my room and I was close behind. I stopped at the door and looked as he walked closer to my bed. I slowly stepped in and turned to see myself laying on the dead. Lifeless, lonely, all alone and no one to hear me scream get wake up. I saw about ten machines hooked up to me. Blood pumping in and out throw transparent tubes. This isn't me. This can't be me. I promised Niall I would never do a thing like this. It makes it all worse with us missing Charlotte. "Nialler?" I turned to see Harry at the door. Niall looked up with swollen eyes. "We are going to head off now to look for Charlotte. Take care. Niall nodded and turned to face me again, on the bed. "As if everything we have already been through wasn't bad enough," he sobbed, "As if we can turn back time and change the happenings that make these tragedy’s belong to us, but this. Everyone is full on ups and downs, but why do ours have to be and such a high rating." I stepped close to Niall and attempted to hold him close and soft tears were pacing their way down my cheek. "Baby, if you can hear me..." he started. "Oh Niall! I can hear you," I said close to his ear. "I would just like to apologies. I made you do this, I made you get in here and suffer. This is all my fault and I would do anything to take it back baby," he whispered and sat on the chair beside me. "I love you," he cried into my hand that was rested on the bed. "I love you too baby," I answered.

***sorry for the short chapter***

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