Isn't She Lovely - Missing You

Niall, Isabell and their 2 twins are living their life like any other new family would, but what happens when Niall has to go on tour?


10. Make It Worse By Blaming Me


"Honey, you should come eat your dinner. It's getting cold," I said to Sam who was sat on the small chair fit to size for his tiny body, "But Mummy, I can't eat without Charlotte because it's not fun," Sam moaned. "Sam, you're going to get hungry. Please don't make this hard for me?" I pleaded. He grabbed his plate and pulled it closer to himself and started to eat. A smile grew on his face as he took the first bite. "Yummy?" I faintly smiled at him. He nodded cheerfully. Good, no more issues there, but I still want my little girl back. I watched Sam as he ate the rest of his food. I didn't hate anything because I wasn't hungry and I can't eat at a time like this. I heard a door open and close. Who the hell is that? I shot up and ran to where the sound came from. "Niall!" I sighed in relief and pulled him into a tight hug. "Hello love," he whispered. His eyes were red and puffy...he had been crying. I don't blame him. He was followed in by the other boys. "Hi," I sighed. They all shuffled a bit in their spots. "Hi," they mumbled. "I'm going to go check on Sam," Niall gently pushed me to the sides and walked past. I stood there and felt tears form in my eyes and they quickly started to fall. Liam rushed to my side and rapped him strong arms around me. Why was Niall acting like this? It was like he blamed me. Liam walked me to the lounge and rested me on the couch. "Just sit for a while and relax," he insisted. I led down and slowly dozed off into deep sleep.


Everything felt wrong and nothing was normal. Even my connection between Isabell felt distant. I just didn't care about anything but Charlotte at the moment in time. I need to find her but it's way too dark right now. How did this even happen? What was Isabell doing to let the Charlotte get taken? I can't keep assuming these things. I need the facts and I will talk to Isabell about it tomorrow.


I sat on the chair as I watched the little girl called Charlotte doze in her deep sleep. Maybe I should change her name. No I can't, she has already lived with Charlotte for so long. It took ages for her to fall asleep because she was scared and crying for her Mother. I hate it when kids are fucking little brats. Why can't she just listen to me and obey my orders. Ben walked in through the front door. Hey babe," he called out. "Hey," I said giving him a quick kiss on the lips. "So, how did it go?" he asked, "Sorry I couldn't be there babe." He had been away for a couple of days on work. "This is Charlotte," I pointed to the little body on the bed. "Who's child is this?" he asked while putting his bags down. "Well....ours," I faintly smiled. "What? Where did you get her from? An orphanage?" he asked. I shook my head. "Well where?" he raised his voice a little. "From.....from....well---" "JUST ANSWER THE QUESTION!" he shouted interrupting me. I quickly looked over to Isabell to make sure she was still asleep. "From a family," I whispered. "What?" he was shocked, "So they just gave their child away. I don't think so. Tell me the truth Kim," he demanded. "It's true. I took her from a family that didn't need her and brought her into ours," I proudly said. I did something right. Her mother didn't even look after her right. "So you kidnapped a poor helpless child!?" he raised his voice again. "Well, no...I gave her a better life Ben," I frowned. "NO KIM! You kidnapped her! You not fit enough to be a mother. It's a good thing your baby died because it would of been brought up in a horrible lifestyle. But you bring a child you don't even know into this life. You disappoint me Kim," he shook in disbelief. "What..." Tears formed in my brown eyes, "You can't really mean that Ben." "I do!" he argued. "You can go to jail for this. How do you think this is going to affect your illness?" he went not calm, but sad. "I don't like to think of my Tourette’s as an illness," I sighed and looked down. "Well you got it pretty bad, you hit people. What if you hit Charlotte or whatever her name is?" he reasoned. "I won't. I can control it now," I answered back. "No you can't," he admitted. He was right, I couldn't control it. "Well, I'm taking her home, where ever that is," he stepped towards Charlotte. "NO YOU'RE NOT!" I pushed him away. "Kim? Stop it. This is selfish and stupid what you are doing," I said. "Do it and I will fucking slice you," I threatened grabbing a knife from the small table. "Kim, stop!" he answered. "NO!" I yelled. "Mummy! Where are you!" am innocent cry came from Charlotte. "Go back to sleep Charlotte," I demanded. "MUMMY!" she cried. "CHARLOTTE! SHUT UP! GO TO SLEEP!" I shouted and she didn't was a word after that, she just silently cried. "See, this is not right Kim. Look how much you are hurting her," Ben pointed to Charlotte. "I'M NOT HURTING HER!" I shouted. "You know what, I don't know why I stay with you. You're pathetic! You have a seriously problem Kim!" Ben yelled and slammed the door as he left the house with his bags. "I want my Mummy," Charlotte silently cried. "CHARLOTTE! SHUT UP!" I swung my hand around and slapped her across the face. "AAAHHHHHHHH!!!!" she screamed in pain. "SHUT UP OR I WILL HIT YOU AGAIN YOU FUCKING IDIOT!" I yelled. She tried to stop crying but couldn't.



"Niall, are you okay?" I asked as I walked into the kitchen from the couch were I had fallen asleep last night. "What the hell do you think?" he asked a rhetorical question. My eyes were red from all the crying last night and I thought they were going to get even redder because I could feel more crying coming on its way. "I don't mean that," I innocently said, "I have been ignoring me." He didn't answer me. All he said was, "I want you to show me the scenario." I walked outside and told him the position of the kids and I and what we were doing. "WHAT! You were reading a book! Isabell, you were supposed to be watching the kids!" he told me off. "You don't think I feel horrible enough, but you go and make it worse by blaming me," I cried. This wasn't fair. I know it was my fault, but it doesn't mean to say that other people can agree to it. I walked inside and up to the guest room that wasn't being used by the boys. I sat on the bed and broke down into more and more tears. *KNOCK KNOCK* at the door. "Go away," I sniffed. The door opened and in walked Liam. "Isabell, can we talk?" Liam sat beside me on the bed. I didn't answer, but he took it as a yes. "I overheard your conversation with Niall. Don't listen to him, it wasn't your fault," he rapped his arm around me tight and didn't let go. We sat there for ages as we ended up lying in each other’s arms and he was twirling my hair. "Thank you," I whispered into his chest. "It's okay," he answered and kissed my hair. He felt so warm on my goose bumped skin. His warm breath was breathing on my hair and it felt nice. He made me feel a bit better.


"Niall? What the hell was that?" Louis asked walking out. "What?" I answered. I had no clue what he was talking about. "Why did you say that to Isabell? She isn't the one to blame here," he sighed. Or was she? It all seemed to look that way. I mean, come on....she was reading her book instead of looking after the twins. "You don't understand," I turned away from him and ignored him. "I think he does," Zayn walked next to Louis. "Now you're ganging up on me. I bet the others will be too," I mumbled. "Ya, you're probably right Niall," Harry sighed as he heard what I had just said. I turned to face them in anger. "Niall, you can't go blaming her, she has done nothing to deserve that....especially from you, her husband," Louis said. YES SHE HAS! SHE DIDN'T DO HER JOB RIGHT! Why don't these boys see it.


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