Isn't She Lovely - Missing You

Niall, Isabell and their 2 twins are living their life like any other new family would, but what happens when Niall has to go on tour?


3. Louis Has A Little Crush?


     I woke up to the sun shining bright through the curtains. Shit, I forgot to close them last night. The suns ray way stinging my eyes. I sat up quick forgetting about my head. "OUCH!" I gasped in pain. I slowly looked around and saw that Isabell wasn't in bed. What time is it? I turned slowly to look at the alarm clock. 8:00am okay...wait 8:00AM!!! THE KIDS! They need to go to school. Oh wait, Louis said he would help her with that. I lead back down and tried to fall back asleep. "Niall, you awake?" Isabell whispered walking in towards the bed. "Yes," I managed to say but my head was killing me. "Here is your table you need to take and some water," she put it on the bed side table. I slowly sat up and grabbed the tablet and water. Here goes. I took in a deep breath then slid the tablet down my troat followed by the water. I hate taking tablets. I finished the water slowly while Isabell was sat near my legs and stroked my knee as if to say, 'get better soon please,' I gave her a small smile, until it hurt my cheeks. "Do you want to have some more sleep? I think you should," Isabell was just wanting the best for me. I nodded and rested my head gently on the pillow again. "See you later babe," she whispered and then she walked out the room turning the light off and closing the door.



     I walked down the stairs and into the living room where all the boys were sat. "You wanna watch a movie?" I suggested. "Sure, what movies you got?" Harry walked to the movie rack and looked at each DVD, until landing on one and pulling in out. "What's that movie Harry?" Liam asked. "Zombie Land," he grinned and showed the DVD case to Liam. "No way Hazza. I ain't watching that, it's an old movie. Let's watch something like Till The Deapths Of The Earth," Louis protested. "Yes, lets watch that one, I haven't seen it yet," Zayn was agreeing with Louis. "Is it even here?" Harry stared at the shelves looking for it. "Yep, third shelf down and 5 across I think it is. I can see it from here," Louis' eyes were squinting to get a closer look. Harry found it and pulled in out the shelve. He leant by the DVD player and put the movie in. "Not too loud. We don't want to wake up Niall," I grabbed the controls and turned to volume down to 25%. While we were watching the movie I looked at the time and I had to pick up the kids. "I'll see you soon boys, got to go pick the twins up," I grabbed my keys off the coffee table and stood up. "I will come," Louis smiled and jumped beside me. I nodded and we walked out the door together and into the car. We were in the car and Louis was telling me about all their trips him and the boys went on. "This is awesome here. What we have going on," he smiled and looked at me. "Ummh...Louis," What did he meen? Did he meen more thsn friends? I have Niall, I'm married to Niall. "NO! NO! NOT LIKE THAT! I meen we are basically best friends...or brother and sisters," he deffently didn't meen what I was thinking. "Oh, haha okay. That's sounds better," I laughed. After about 10 more minuets of driving we were here. We got out the cars and walked to the twins class. There was about 5 more minutes to wait for the kids so Louis and I were talking to some parents. "So, which child is yours?" I asked to a lady called Shantell I had met one time. "The small brunette on that chair there," she ponted. What a beautiful young girl. "May I ask, are you Louis Tomlinson from one direction?" she asked. Oh here we go again, more mother to fangirl him. "ummh, yes...yes I am," he rubbed the back of his neck. "WOW, my teenage daughter would be jealous of me right now, she laughed, "I have heard so much about one direction from her, she loves you." "Great, I can sigh something for her if you want," Louis looked as if he was relieved that the mother wasn't going to jump all over him. She brought out a little note book and past it to him with a pen. He didn't just sign it, he wrote a little note on it too. "Here you go love," Lou smiled. "Thank you, she's going to love this," thanked Shantell."How old is she?" Louis asked. "17, she still lives at home thought," the she smiled. "Aww sweet. I will have to meet her sometime," Louis seemed a little too intreaged when Shantell told him her age. "Oh, she would love that, when are you planning for?" she asked. "Could I have that note back please?" Louis asked Shantell. What was he up to? She gave him the note pad back and he wrote down his phone number in it. "Tell her she can meet me whenever she wants," he smiled. It was okay though, because she is 17 and Louis is 26. He wont try anything. Louis is just a really nice, loyal guy who is very sweet. "Mummy, Uncle Louis," the twins smiled and gave us both big hugs. "Let's go home should we," I smiled and grabbed their hands. "Bye Shantell," Louis waved back at her and so did I. Just as Louis turned around he stopped. "Louis?" I tried to move him along. "She's so beautiful," he was standing there in awe. I followed his eyes and caught the look of Sandy, the twins teacher. "Louis, oh no. no no no Louis," he was just standing there looking at her. She saw him looking and smiled then she went back into the classroom. "Can I talk to her?" he was following her until she was out of site. "Louis. Maybe tomorrow, but I want to get home to see how Niall is doing," it was actually sort of funny that Louis was just staring at her. He never did that to girls, he was normally very kind, but never really thought of them more than friends. This was crazy. He nodded then we got into the car to go home. We were in the car when I could tell Louis was still thinking of her when he said, "Do you have her phone number?" He was acting really strainge about it, but I guess that was Loui when he had a little crush. I laughed to myself, "No, Louis I don't sorry."


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