Isn't She Lovely - Missing You

Niall, Isabell and their 2 twins are living their life like any other new family would, but what happens when Niall has to go on tour?


6. Leaving


          We arived back home and rested on the couches for a bit. "So, where are you off to first on your tour?" I asked the boys. "What! You leaving so soon," Ash sounded devastated. "Yeah, sorry babe. We leave tomorrow," Liam put him arm around her and hugged her tight. "Ummh, not to sure, I think we are going to Durham," Louis answered. Maura, Niall's mum walked down the stairs, "Hello everyone, back so soon?" "Yeah, we got tired mum," Niall answered. "Well, okay. Do you want me to stay any longer or have I done here?" she asked. "You have done great thank you. You can leave if you want to or you can stay the night," I smiled at her. "Thank you for your kind offer but I think I might get out of your hair for tonight. Bye everyone," she snickered. We all said our goodbye's. What did she meen by that? She might get out of our hair for tinight? Is she assuming that we are going to do something? Well, she's probably right. I laughed to myself at my crazy thoughts. "What is it babe?" Niall asked me. "Oh, nothing." I was getting a bit too late now. "Maybe we should get to bed Niall," I said and grabbed  his hand pulling him off the couch. We said our goodnights and went off to our room. "I'm exspecting a goodbye gift," Niall joked and rapped arms around me from behind. "I know you are," I spun myself around so that we were now facing eachother. "You smell like alcohol," Niall laughed. "Is that right?" "Yea, and it turns me on," he was now whispering and it was very quiet. I locked the door as he sat down on the bed. "What now?" I teased standing infront of him. "Come here," he whispered. I took a step closer and he grabbed me pulling me right up to him. His hand moved up my leg, onto my thigh, then my bum. I let out a laugh because it tickled. He hand reached to my back and unzipped my dress. I pushed him down onto the bed and led on top of him. "Can I have my gift now?" he begged. "Nope, not yet," I teased. "Why?" "Because what if the kids wake up?" I didn't want them walking in on us. "They won't," he answered. "You don't know that." "Look...let's just take a chance this time," he smirked. I could back down from that adorable face. "Okay, fine," I gave in. "YEY!" he had a mini celebration, then we got under the covers and switched the lamp off.



      "You think we should go to bed now too?" Ashley asked me. I nodded and we said good night and off to bed we went in the guest room that was at the back of the house. "This is a nice, cosy, quiet, sound proof room," she giggled. "Are you hinting anything?" I grabbed her hand and pulled her close. "Maybe," she sat on the bed. I sad down next to her. She swung her leg around and sat on my knee with both legs on each side of me. She was facing me and I kissed her nose. "Why do you have to go so soon?" I could feel the hurt in her voice as she asked. "I'm so sorry babe, I don't really have a say in it," I sighed. "It just that I have only just got back and now you're leaving. Are we ever going to get to be together for more than a week?" "Of course baby. As soon as the tour is over we will both take time out and go away, I promise," I kissed her softly on the lips. "Well, at least I get you all to myself tonight," she giggled and unbuttoned my shirt. The kiss became more intense and I placed her on the bed. "This is my goodbye gift," Ashley managed to mumble in between the kiss.



      *BEEP BEEP* I moaned and leant over to turn the alarm off. I sat up in bed and planned in my head todays scedual. "Babe, you need to take your meds," Isabell insisted and walked in with a glass and pill. "Oh yeah, I forgot," I moaned and sat up on the edge of the bed. "Last night was great," I kissed Isabell on the forehead. "I know it was," she giggled. I took the tablet and stood up feeling very tired. "The boys and Ash have already left to go pack," she started, "And I have already packed you bag for you." "Really? Thanks babe, you're the best," I smiled and kissed her on the neck. She laughed a bit as my kiss tickled her. "Your so ticklish babe," I laughed. "Don't hold it against me," she smirk and walked out the room. "OH! By the way you have breakfast on the table," she shouted for the stairs. Ohh, yum. I walked down stairs to see Isabell and the twins at the table. "Hello daddy," Sam smiled. "DADDY!" Charlotte shouted. "Good morning silly billys," I smiled and gave them both a hug and kiss. "YUM! Looks and smells good," I sat down and rushed at the food. "Daddy? Are you going to get us presents while you're away?" Sam asked inocently. I never thought about that. "Sure, what do you both want?" I asked and smiled at them. "A drum set!" Sam exclaimed. "A microphone please daddy," Charlotte stated. Gosh, these kids love their music. It's great. "I will do my best to look for them," I assured them, "But I can't make any promisses." "Ok daddy," Sam sighed. We finished our breakfast and waited outside for the boys to rock up in the car. "I'm going to really miss you babe," I hugged and kissed Isabell. "Me too, with you," she giggled but I could see the hurt in her eyes. "How long are you actually going to be gone for?" she asked. "About 5 months I think." "5 MONTHS! That's way too long, you have a family Niall," she pleaded for me to come home before then. "I'm sorry babe, there is not much I can do about it," I admitted. "Just make sure you call every night then okay?" it wasn't much of a question, she was telling me. I nodded and held her close. I heard a nise down the street and I saw the boys pull up in a big car to fit us all. "Come on Nialler," Harry shouted from the drivers seat. Ashley jumped out the car and caught up with Isabell. "Hey," she said. "Hello," Isabell smiled. That smile wasn't real. Isabell really didn't want me to go at the moment because we had to much going on. "Well, atleast it's the weekend so the kids could say goodbye," she sighed. I gave the twins a big hug and kiss. I was really going to miss them. I stood up and gave Isabell a big kiss that I wanted to last forever. "I love you so much and I will try my best to call you every night," I said as the kiss ended. 'Okay," was all she could let out. I put my bags in the back of the car and gave Isabell one last quick kiss. I jumped into the car and we drove away.



        "At least you still have me. I can always come help you out if you need anything," Ashley smiled at me. "Thank you Ash, I really appriciate it. I'm just upset that they are gong for so long," I sighed as we walked back in. The kids ran into the activity room to play. I made Ash and myself a brew and we sat out the back in the garden. "Kids, you want to come play outside were we can keep an eye on you," I shouted to the kids in the activity room. The ran outside and played in the cubby house down the end of the garden. "So, as you were saying before, how long are they actually going to be away for?" Ash said while sipping her boiling brew. "About 5 months Niall said," I staired into the bronze coloured liquid in my cup. "5 MONTHS! Do they need anymore months added onto that," she said sarcastically. "Exactly. I just don't think it's right for Niall to be away for that long. I meen...come on, he's got two kids that are in need of a father to be around as they grow up," I frowned and took a sip of my brew. "Don't worry I'm here," she smiled. Her support was always appriciated. "Thank you Ash."

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