Isn't She Lovely - Missing You

Niall, Isabell and their 2 twins are living their life like any other new family would, but what happens when Niall has to go on tour?


16. If You Leave. I Leave Too


"So, what do you want to do today?" I asked Charlotte. "I want to go home," she moaned looking out to the forest that trailed in front of my house. "This is your home," I sighed. "NO! I want Mummy and Daddy," she cried. "Don't talk to me that way, I am your Mummy," I protested. She was young, so at some point she had to forget her mother and think I am her Mother instead. "NO! I WANT TO GO HOME!" she screamed in my face. "DON'T YOU FUCKING TALK TO ME THAT WAY!" I yelled and swung my hand across her face. "AAAHHHHH!!!" she creamed in sharp pain. "STUP THE FUCK UP!" I shouted. "I want to go home," she cried as she sung in her chair.

*2o minutes earlier*


"So, which direction first?" Louis asked as the police dropped us off where we found Charlotte’s tiara last time. This time we were having a police officer assist us. "That way," I said pointing in s direction that followed the trail of the tiara. We walk for about 20 minutes. "AAHHHHH!" I heard a scream. "Shhh" I commanded they boys. They all dropped silent and they heard it. "That sounds like Charlotte," I started to run to the direction of the voice. I came to the end of the forest and ahead was a long empty road with a small house. I peered through the leaves of the plants. "There she is!" Harry pointed out. He was about to run until I help my arm out, "Stop, what about that woman. We don't know how dangerous she is." He nodded and stepped back a little. "SHUT THE FUCK UP!" the woman said. "Okay, that's it. I say we just run up for her and grab Charlotte," Zayn said. "Okay, let’s do it," I said. "1, 2,--" I started. "Wait," the police officer said, "I can just walk out with my gun." "Okay. That's a better idea," Louis said. The police officer walked up to the woman pointing the gun. "HANDS UP! NOW!" he shouted. "Why? What the hell?" she said. "Charlotte, come here!" I said running out. "UNCLE LIAM!" she screamed and ran up to me giving me a huge hug. "This is not your child," the officer said to the woman, "You're under arrest!" He cuffed her and called the police for a car. "Finally," I whispered and hugged Charlotte tight. "I miss Mummy and Daddy. This lady is mean and she hit me," Charlotte cried. "WHAT!" Louis shouted. He walked over to the woman and slapped her across the face. "THIS IS FOR ALL THE DAMAGE YOU CAUSED!" he screamed in her face. "You hit a woman," Zayn said. "I don't care, she deserved it," Louis said shaking the anger off him. "Dam right," Harry agreed. "How are you Charlotte?" Zayn bent down to her level. She shook her head, "Not happy." Zayn picked her up and carried her to the police car that arrived for us to take us home. "This has been a long week, but at least that's one less trouble to worry about," I sighed.


"Isabell, my sweet babe. Please wake up. I love you more than anything in the world and to lose you would be the worst thing yet. Not now, please just not now, we need you. I need you. Please, just wake up," Niall cried into my pail arm. If only I could tell him how much I want to come back. All those machines hooked up around me and working their butts of the wake me, but all I do is lay silent on the bed, with not a single worry in the world, but what you don't know is that I have been right next to you the whole time wanting myself to wake too. It's just not happening at the time being. I want you back to me Niall and I want to be back to you. "Isabell, this isn't right, but...if you leave me here, I have to go too. It's just wouldn't be life without you and the kids....well, Liam is their god parents and he would do a better job than I ever would," he said. "Niall, NO! You can't do that!" I screamed. I walked over to my lifeless body, "COME ON ISABELL! WAKE UP! DO YOU SERIOUSLY WANT TO LEAVE EVERYTHING BEHIND!" I screamed and cried. I tried to shake myself but not touch could be felt or seen. "ISABELL!" I tried one last time then fell to the floor. That's it. That's all I can do. I'm done, I've shut down. I huddled in my knees and after about 2 minutes I was finding my breathing very hard. "What's happening?" I gasped. I can't breathe. I lost all control over it. I closed my eyes and huddled in my knees rocking myself back and forth. I knew this was it. I'm done. My life has ended now. My eyes shot open and I was staring at the roof. "ISABELL!" Niall shot up from the seat. "Niall? NIALL! You can see me!" I was so relieved and gave him a huge hug, although it hurt my ribs. I looked around and I was in the hospital bed. I was okay. "I'm okay!" I stated. "How are you feeling babe?" he asked, anxious to know. "I'm fine now, hard to breath a bit, but fine. There's just one thing, if I was ever to leave, don't you go leaving as well. Stay, for the kids benefits," I replied. "What?" he gasped in shock, " did you know?" "I was with you the whole entire time," I told him everything and he was as amazed as ever. "I really missed you," he admitted. "I missed you too babe," I replied. "The bots are out looking for Charlotte," he said. "NIALL!" a voice came from the hall outside the room and Liam and the boys sprinted in. CHARLOTTE! She was here, in Zayns arms. "CHARLOTTE!" I shouted. "CHARLOTTE!" Niall praised. "ISABELL!" Liam smiled. "LIAM!" I smiled back. "LOUIS" Harry laughed. "HARRY!" Louis replied. "Zayn," zayn's husky voice called. "ASHLEY!" Ashley said walking in. "ASHLEY!.....Ashley?" we all said. "Yea, I'm here. Now can someone tell me what the bloody hell has been happening?" she replied. "Here, come outside. I will tell you everything," Liam grabbed her hand and pulled her out. "How are you Isabell?" the boys asked. I answered their question and I could see by the corner of my eye that Niall's ear to ear grin never left him. "Charlotte, come here baby," I smiled. Zayn set her down next to me on the bed. "How are you? I'm so sorry for that nasty lady taking you," I sighed. "I'm okay Mummy. I just missed you and I love you Mummy," she answered. "SAM! MAURA!" Niall's Mum said walking in. "You missed it," Naill laughed. "Okay then. Well, why didn't anyone tell me what was happening?" She asked while Sam ran to Charlotte and I. "CHARLOTTE! MUMMY! I missed you!" Sam smiled and climbed up on the bed next to Charlotte. They both hugged each other, which was really cute. "I missed you too Sam. Well, both of you. I missed you both," I admitted. "I'm just glad that everyone is okay now," Niall said, "And hopefully we can all go home soon...with Isabell."



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