Isn't She Lovely - Missing You

Niall, Isabell and their 2 twins are living their life like any other new family would, but what happens when Niall has to go on tour?


20. Everything Is Perfect


       "Hi, Ben," I hugged him slightly. "Hello," he replied, "Thank you for inviting me." "That's alright. Hello Sandy, hello Cassie," I said giving them both a slight hug too. "Come in," Louis opened the door for the guests. They thanked him as they walked inside. "Yum, you're house smells so nice," Sandy complimented. "Thank you. It's the shepherds pie in the oven," I admitted. "I love shepherds pie," Cassie grinned. "That's great then," I smiled back at her. "Come, come, let's go sit round the fire. It's getting a bit chilly," Louis said opening the lounge door. Sandy sat down and Louis sat close to her with his hand gripping hers. They were so great. I'm glad they sorted things out, because if they didn't, the blame would of been on me. "Wine anyone?" Zayn asked. We all said yes and thanked him as he poured the blood red liquid in the cup. The wine looked as if it stained the glass as it swirled the rims and knocked itself back like small waves. "This taste really good," Harry smiled. "Yeah you would think so," Ash laughed and so did Liam who was cuddled up next to her under a blanket. We all sat by the fire talking away for a good 20 minutes then I realized that dinner would be ready. Niall came and helped me set the table and dish out the food. "I'm so glad that everything is perfect right now," I smiled to Niall as we place the last knife on the table. "Me too," he smiled, "Now let's go get the others." We told everyone and we all sat around the dining room table. The food was perfect and it tasted really good. The dinner conversations never seemed to die down which was great. I loved this moment. 



        "Thank you so much for dinner it was brilliant," Ben and Cassie thanked. "That's okay, thanks for coming," I admitted. "Keep in touch," he said and climbed into the cab next to Cassie. Sandy was still here because Louis and her are going back to his apartment for the night. "Thank you Niall and Isabell," they both said their goodbyes and left in the next cab home. I got into bed that night and couldn't help but stair at the pitch black sealing that had strokes of light on it from the window. Like was great and I just home that there is nothing to change that. I love Isabell, Charlotte, Sam and the boys and Ash. Louis and Sandy are going to do really well. I love life right now.





THE END!!! :) :)


Heyy everyone xx 

I would just like to thank everyone for reading, liking, commenting and favoriting my book. It was greatly appreciated and its you readers that help me carry this on.

I love what I do because you all love what I do, so because you love what I do, it makes me love what I do even more !!!! hahahah :P


Make sure you're on the look out for my other books soon to come out and books to be added on to. :D :D :D :D

~ 1D.wonder xx

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