Isn't She Lovely - Missing You

Niall, Isabell and their 2 twins are living their life like any other new family would, but what happens when Niall has to go on tour?




Sunday, oh good. Another day full of relax and watching the kids play in the sun. "You can be the king Sam," I heard Charlotte say from the cubby house. I saw then dressing up into outfits and Charlotte was wearing a cute princess dress. "Hey Izzy," "AAHHH! Oh gosh Ash, you scared me," I laughed and turned to face her. "Oh, sorry," she giggled. "How's it going?" I asked her. She looked upset, what was wrong? "Are you okay Ash?" I asked. "I'm going good, but I have some new and for the time being, I don't know if it's good or bad," she admitted. "What's happened?" What is something to do with her and Liam? "Well, it's about work. They want me to fly out to Paris for a photo shoot," she didn't sound to happy. "What?! That's amazing Ash. How is that bad in any way?" this was great. Why was she not happy about it though. "Well, I can't just leave you here by yourself to look after the kids," she frowned and sat on the deck share next to me. "Ash, screw me! Go on that trip! We only live once girl," I smiled. Maybe I was a bit too enthusiastic because well, honestly, it was going to be hard without her. I know that I can't force her to stay. "How long for?" I calmed down a bit. "Just a month. Not too long, but I worry that you won't be able to cope. I mean, I know you will, but I just worry for you," she sighed. She couldn't miss this opportunity. She has to go. "Ash, you have to go on that trip and besides, I can just call Maura if I get desperate for help," I giggled. I didn't want her to feel bad. "Are you sure?" "Yes I'm sure Ash," I persuaded her to take the opportunity. "Okay, well I have to leave tonight so that's why I came round now," she said. "It's okay. You go pack and just have fun," I smiled and leant over to give her a big hug. "Thank you Izzy. Bye, hope you'll be okay," she said as she walked out the door. "Cya," I shouted back. That was it, I had no one now to help me. I know I can call Maura, but there’s something about her that gives me the impressions that she thinks I'm a bad mother, but I still love her. I led back down on the deck chair and read my book

Kim is a new character introduced to the story. She has no relation to any of the other characters and she doesn't know anything about the other characters. Basically she is just a stranger that brings tragedy into the story.


"Kim, I'm sorry but you need to deal with the fact that you have lost your baby, you can't keep throwing your anger onto everyone. I know it's hard but you need to calm down," Phil the councillor said. "WHAT! YOU DON'T KNOW ANYTHING! YOU CAN'T TELL ME TO CALM DOWN YOU DON'T KNOW WHAT I'VE BEEN THROUGH," I shouted. "Okay, lay down. I'm going to count slowing from 10 back to one," he said. He was a freak! He never seemed to loose his temper. Everyone has to loose their temper at one point of another. "NO! I'M SICK OF THIS! IT DOESN'T WORK!" I shouted and stormed out of the room. "I will if you try," he shouted back to me so I could hear. I don't give a fuck. Seriously, I have had enough. I barged out the building and into a near by forest.

It seems like I had been walking for days but my watch has proved that it had only been about 3 hours. I have no idea where I am. I know that I'm in a rich living area because although I am in the forest on the right of my is a dark scary forest and on the right are fences. Fences to rich, modern and huge houses, most likely with rich, snobby people who don't care for the less fortunate like me. I sat on a log and cried my heart out. "Why me?" I whispered. I want my baby back. About 1 month ago I was pregnant, and I gave birth to a baby that was no longer with us. The umbilical cord choked her. The doctors could have stopped that from happening! I cried even harder and I felt blood in my mouth as a bit my lip to make my cry silent. I didn't want all those upper-class hearing me, they wouldn't care. I just want a baby girl to hold close and cherish. I want to read to a little someone at night. I felt anger blow over me. "YEY!" What was that. I shouted like a little girl. I thought up a plan in my head. I can take that little girl and make her all mine. I walked toward the shouts and again "I'M THE PRINCESS!" I heard her cute little voice sing. I came close to a fence and I'm positive this was the fence the little girl was behind. I found a peep hole in the wooden fence and looked through. I saw a little girl playing around the garden and a cubby house. I'm the back I saw a woman fast asleep with a book on her chest. That fucking mother doesn't ever care for her children. I walked to the corner of the fence and climbed over, lucky enough there were trees that blocked me from the mothers view. I grabbed the little girl and covered her mouth with me hand. I pulled her towards the fence and she was scratching and kicking. "STOP OR I WILL HURT YOU!" I hissed. "MUMMY! MUMMY! COME QUICK! A MEAN LADY IS TAKING CHARLOTTE!" I saw a little boy appear round from the cubby house. "WHAT! SAM! CHARLOTTE! ARE YOU OKAY?" I could hear the mother get up and run towards us. There was another kid. SHIT! I hesitated and threw the little girl, Charlotte I guessing her name is, over the fence and then jumped over myself. "CHARLOTTE!" the mother screamed. "CHARLOTTE WHERE ARE YOU?" the little boy shouted. "MUMMY HEL-" she screamed but I cut her off but placing my hand tight on her mouth. "SHUT THE FUCK UP!" I hissed. I picked her up and ran into the forest.


What was happening. Sam you run into the house and into the bathroom, then lock the door okay honey?" I ordered. He nodded and ran back inside. I jumped over the fence not caring about ripping my new jeans. I looked around but I couldn't see anyone. I didn't want to start running in any direction because if it was the wrong way I would get further from Charlotte and plus, I couldn't leave Sam. "CHARLOTTE! CHARLOTTE!" I screamed and cried. I listened....but nothing. I fell to the floor with tears falling down my face. My baby girl...she's gone. "NO!" I demanded to myself. I can't sit here and waist time. I climbed back over the fence, ran inside to grab my phone and call the police. While the phone was ringing I went to get Sam out of the bathroom. "Sam, it's Mummy," I cried. "Mummy, can I come out now?" he pleaded. "Yes honey." He opened the door and I grabbed his hand as we walked into the living room. "HELLO POLICE!" I answered. I was shaking like crazy. "Yes, hello. What's the emergency?" a woman asked. "My child! Someone kidnapped her," I cried and my eyes were stinging from the tears. "Okay, where do you live? We will send out helicopters and cars on the search." I told her where I lived and other information then the police came round. "So, what did the suspect look like?" a tall man asked. "Well, she had short black hair and her face was very pale. I saw cuts on her arms and legs, probably from distress and she had big green eyes," I answered. He asked me more questions for me to answer and I got really tired. "Okay, we will give you a call tomorrow morning, just get some rest, it will be okay," the police officer told me. I got Sam some quick dinner, I wasn't hunger and then we went up to bed. Sam slept in my room and I cuddled up tight to him. "Mummy, where is Charlotte?" Sam asked me. "I don't know baby, I'm sorry," a tear fell from my eye. I realized that I had to stay strong for Sam, so I tried my best not to cry. *BRING BRING* My phone started to ring. It was Niall. WHAT AM I GOING TO TELL HIM? What if he blames it all on me? I can't talk to him, what would I say? If I do talk to him, I will just ruin his tour. I'm going to have to leave it for a while. I let the phone ring until it stopped and I tried to fall asleep, but I was very hard.


Why didn't she answer my call? She's probably sleeping. I shouldn't wake her up. "Come on Niall! We have to go to the signings now, hurry up!" Harry shouted from the hotel room door. "Okay okay, I'm coming," I groaned. We left for the signings and that was going to end late, so I wouldn't be able to try call Isabell again. I guess I will just have to call her tomorrow. I threw on my jacket and closed the door behind me as I left the hotel room.

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