Isn't She Lovely - Missing You

Niall, Isabell and their 2 twins are living their life like any other new family would, but what happens when Niall has to go on tour?


17. Can I Go Home?


"So, doctor? Can she go home?" I asked anxious. I has been a week since she woke and Charlotte was missing. We wanted to leave, but she wasn't allowed, so hopefully she can come back home today. The doctor finished her check-up, "I pleased to say that yes, Isabell can go home," he said to me, then he turned to Isabell, "You have recovered very well over the week and now you can go." A huge smile grew on both Isabell and my faces. "Great!" Isabell cheared. "Just be careful and have a happy life," the doctor said walking out the room. "Thank you!" I shouted after him. "I'll quickly call Louis to pick us up," I said pulling out my phone. "Okay," Isabell replied.


We were in the car on the way home and Louis was driving. "So Louis, how's it going with Sandy?" I asked. They had been going on a few dinner dates over the week and they really got to know each other. "It's going great!" a huge grin grew on his face, "Oh, that reminds me, do you want to meet her family with me next week?" "Yeah, that would be great. Who we meeting?" I said. "Just her brother and sister for now," he replied. "Great, bring them round to our place and we can have Nando's for tea," Niall said. Typical Niall. "Sure, but it's not till next week Niall," Louis said. "Yeah, I know," he laughed. We got home and I had a nice long shower. *KNOCK KNOCK* "Who is it?" I shouted from the bath. "Niall!" he shouted through the door. "Come in," I smiled. "Hey babe, mind if I join you?" he asked. "Sure, where are the kids?" I asked. "Louis and Liam are looking after them. The other boys and Ashley are at home though," he said taking his clothes off. He slid under the water, "Gosh, how hot do you need it?" I groaned. "Oops sorry, I didn't know you would be joining me," I giggled. "That's alright babe." After we had a bath we got into some pyjamas and went down stairs into the lounge and cuddled up in front of the fire. "Hey," Liam walked in with the kids and Louis. "Thanks boys, you can go now. If you want to, or you can stay the night?" Niall said. "You can call the others round too," I added. "Ok sure," Louis smiled and walked out the room with his phone. "We practically live here," Liam laughed. " It's nice with you boys and Ash here. You make it feel like one big great family," I smiled. "I agree," Niall smirked. "Awww you guys," Liam pretended to be embarrassed. It was funny. "VAS HAPPENIN'!" Zayn shouted as he stepped in the room. "Hey Zayn!" We all laughed. "HELLO!" Harry walked in. "Hey Harry," we all laughed some more. "Hello, I'm not trying to be funny so don't laugh," she laughed. "Hey Ashley," I smiled and got up to hug her tight. I hadn't really seen much of her since I hurt myself and ended in hospital. "Hey my best buddy," she giggled. "Come sit," I pulled her next to me. "Hey babe," Liam said to her and gave her a kiss. "Sit babe," she smiled pulling him down to her side. He smiled and sat next to her pulling her close. "Why can't I have a girlfriend," Harry cried. "HA! HA! HARRY!" Zayn laughed. We talked and talked for a long time. The twins were already put in bed earlier. We were laughing and having fun until it got to a point where we all needed to move off to bed. We all said our good night and off to bed we went.


We took off our clothes and in our underwear we climbed into bed. We cuddled up tight and it made me realize how much I missed this. "I missed you," I admitted to her. "I missed you too baby," she smiled. She leant in slowly and kissed my top lip passionately. I moved my hand up to her waist and gained pace on the kiss. "I love you," I said in between the kissing. I moved down and kissed her neck. "I love you too," she whispered.


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