Isn't She Lovely - Missing You

Niall, Isabell and their 2 twins are living their life like any other new family would, but what happens when Niall has to go on tour?


4. Call Back On Tour


     We arived home and sat in the living room with the rest of the boys while the twins were playing with Liam and Harry. "Niall still asleep?" I was asking anyone, nobody in general. "Yeah," Zayn answered me. "YEY! UNCLE LIAM WON!" Charlotte screamed. "shhh Charlotte. Daddy is in bed so please be quiet," I didn't want to kids to wake him up. He need to reast and get better. "Sorry mummy," they both chanted quietly.

      A couple of hours after dinner at about 8:00pm I heard some thumps on the stairs. All the boys were heard, and the twins were in bed. I turned my head to see who it was and Niall came stumbling down. "You okay babe?" He didn't look as bad as he did before. He nodded, "Yep, I feel much better now." "Great. Good to see you're back on track because I just got a text off Paul and we need to go back on tour tomorrow," Louis was staring down at his phone. "What! No. Niall still needs to recover," my face got hotter with a bit of fustration. I have always disliked Paul. He always took Niall away from me. "It's okay babe, I will always take my meds and I will rest a lot," Niall sat next to me and stroked the hair out of my face. "But the doctor said not to," he shouldn't do things that could possibly make his injury worse. "I will give the doctor another call and see what he says," he kissed me cheek and it made my lips tingle. I wanted him on my lips but this wasn't the best of times. I didn't want him going on a tour in this state. He grabbed his phone and left the room. A couple minutes later my phone started to ring. "Private number. Who could this be?" I accepted the call and put the phone to my ear "Hello?" "Isabell. "Okay, Isabell? don't tell anyone it's me. Just anwer yes or no to these questions okay?" I shook my head in agreement. "Isabell?" Oh, right she couldn't see me. "Yes," I answered quick. "Okay. Is Liam there?" I saw Liam looking at me on the couch. "Yes." "Okay, well can you go somewhere private were we can talk please?" I left the room and went into my bedroom and saw that Niall was in there so I turned around and went into the guest room were Harry and Louis were staying, but they weren't in the room at the time. "Okay, coast is clear," I said. "Okay, now we can talk." "Okay, so why are you calling me Ashley? Why aren't you calling Liam? Are you still coming home tomorrow?" I think I asked a bit too many questions. "WOOH! One at a time," she laughed. "Why haven't you call Liam first?" I decided to ask that question first as it seemed to be the most important. "Isabell, I have something to tell you," she sighed with answering me. It couldn't be that bad could it? "I'm coming home early," she squealed in happiness. "What! Awesome!" I tried to keep my voice down. "Well, I'm at the airport now, so if I quickly drop my things off and my appartment and get ready we could meet at a club somewhere and suprise Liam," she suggested. "Sound great," this was going to be great. "Make sure you don't let Liam go home okay, does Niall have any clothes he could borrow, and if you have to, you can tell the boys what's going on so they understand the situation," she stated. "Sure, ummh...maybe I could get one of the boys to pop round to yours and grab Liam clothes for him," maybe that way Liam could be wearing something comfortable. "Okay, yeah. That's a better idea," she laughed, "okay so how about we meet at the club round the corner from Harry's place that we always go to." "Sounds great. We can meet there at about 9:30 yeah?" I answered. "Great, okay cya soon," with that she hung up. I walked down the stairs and saw Niall was back in the living room. "What did the doctor say about you head Niall?" Even if he was okay, I still think he shouldn't go on the tour, or even the club tonight. "Well, he said that I can do my normal things now, including singing and drinking but if I get the slightest headache I have to rest. Also, I still do have to take the pills every 7 hours." Oh, that remended me. He was due for a tablet now. "You need one now actually Niall," I said and walked into the kitchen to get him one.



       She came back in with a pill and a glass of water. "SO," she clapped her hands together and it startled me. She giggled at me as she knew what I did. I had jumped back in my seat a bit. "We are going out tonight," she was talking to everyone. "What for?" Zayn asked. "Why do you even need to ask that. We're going out, isn't that a good thing anyway," Louis joked and fake punched him in the arm. Zayn nodded his head and shrugged. "Where?" Liam asked me. "To that club around near Harry's place. We got an hour to get ready. Liam would you be kind enough to check on the kids?" she asked. Why was she asking Liam to do it? That was strange. "Sure," he got up and hopped up the stairs. Isabell quickly ran and closed the living room door. "So heres the dealio. Ashley is back and we wanna suprise Liam by meeting her at the club. What do you guys say? You up for it?" she quickly said making sure she could say it before Liam came in. We all nodded. "So, I need one of you to pop round to his appartment to grab him so clothes because Ash is there and we don't want him to find her there," she  looked over to Louis. "You want me to do it?" Louis questioned. She nodded and gave him the puppy eyes to force him. "Okay fine," he chuckled. "You live closer anyway so you can just pop by your own house and grab yourself some clothes too," Harry added. He was right, he could do that. "Okay," Louis got up and walked out the door. "I'll be back in 10," he shouted over his right shoulder. Liam came walking back in and sat near Zayn. "What about the twins?" Liam asked. I looked at him with a face full of questions. My eyebrows raise and turned inwards to make an confussed looking face. "Well we are going to the club aren't we? Who is going to look after the twins?" "Oh shit yeah! I never thought of that," Isabell face planted into her hands. "It's okay, I can call my mum," I pulled out my phone to ask my mum to babysit the twins. Harry and Zayn also left now to get their clothes from their house. About 40 minutes later we were all back at my house and ready to go and my mum was in the twins room keeping an eye on them. We had called a cab and it was now waiting outside for us. Isabell slipped on her stalettos and was now nearly as tall as me. "Well hello there good looking," I wrapped my arm around Isabell's waist and pulled her close. "You don't look too bad yourself," she answered back. I stopped and let go of her and looked shocked. "You know you love me," she tucked her fingers inbetween the empty spaces of mine. I couldn't help but smile and pull her closer. We all got into the cab and drove off for the club. "You know what, why are we even going out tonight?" Liam asked. "Because we are celebrating going back on tour," Harry's excuse was brilliant. Isabell sighed in relieaf a little too loud. "Isabell? You okay?" Liam asked me. "Great! I just can't wait till we get here," I fiddled in my seat.

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