Isn't She Lovely - Missing You

Niall, Isabell and their 2 twins are living their life like any other new family would, but what happens when Niall has to go on tour?


5. At The Club


     We made it to the club and I got a text. It must of been Ash. I pulled out my phone from my carrier purse and it was from Ash. It said- Hey :) i just saw you x how about we meet at the table in the back corner of the clubxx cya in a minute :) We walked in about the whole club smelt like smoke and alcohol. I didn't ming though because that is what you would exspect a club to smell like. There was smoke on the dancefloor from a smoke machine and there were lazor lights flashing everwhere. The vibe was so awesome. "I will get us some drinks," Harry said walking off to the bar. "Oh, he doesn't even know where we are going to sit. Louis be a sweet heart and tell Harry we are sitting in the back corner?" I asked him. "Sure, I'll see you guys in a minute," and he walked off to catch up to Harry. We walked past the dancefloor and towards the table. Through all the smoke I could just see Ash. "ASHLEY!" Liam ran to her and gave her a big bear hug. "I missed you so much babe," she whispered and I could only just hear it. "I missed you too," he smiled and gave her a passionate kiss. "Lets give them some space," laughed Niall. We were about to turn around to go on the dancefloor when the Louis and Harry came with the drinks. "Put the drinks down and lets go dance. The love birds there need some space," I laughed. "Ok, but where is Zayn?" Louis asked looking around the group. We all looked for him until I saw him dancing with some girls. "There he is," I laughed. "Typical Zayn," Harry joked. "Excuse me Harry, but you can't talk. You'll be doing that by the end of the night," Ash laughed. Good point. Harry shot her an evil glare, but he was only joking. It was funny. "Come on, lets go," I laughed. We went onto the dance floor and danced for a while. "Niall, you okay?" he stopped dancing and stood there. "Yeah, I'm fine babe, just hot," he said and he raise his beer and put it to his forehead. "You want to take a break and go out side?" I kissed him on the cheek. "Yeah babe, lets go," he smiled and grapped my hand to walk out. "We're just getting some fresh air," Niall said to Louis. "Alright," Louis smiled back. We got outside and the rain was falling sortly onto the concrete ground. We sat on a bench that way a small walk from all the loud noises coming from the club, but we could still hear it a bit. We sat down and that's when I started to feel the cold. The wet cold bench touched my naked thight like an ice block. "Ok, It's cold now," I shivered a bit, but the something warm hit me. It was his jacket. "There you go babe," he smiled and rapped his strong arms around me. "Gosh Niall, you're as warm as a hot water bottle," he giggled. "It's so I can always warm you up myself," he kissed my of the forehead.



       Gosh, did she look beautiful tonight or what. I moved in even closer and looked into her glammerous eyes. She moved in and are noses were touching. She looked down at me and bit her lip. She wanted me, but was I going to be so easy to get. "I love you baby," I kissed her on the cheek. "I love you too," she whispered. She wrapped her arms round my neck and moved in closer and pressed her lips on mine softly. I was really tempted to move away and tease her, but I wanted her too. The kiss became more passonate and moved my hands to her waist. Wait, we are in public right now. She gained speed onto the kiss but I pulled away. "You do realize we are in public right now," I whispered, "and the Pap have probably gotten all of this." "Oh shit yeah. I never thought of that," she sat back properly on the bench and turned red. "That's embarrasing if anyone did take a picture of that," she giggled. "Awww too cute you are," I snickered.



     "I love you my daddy directioner," Ashley joked. "haha. I love you too baby," and I kissed her on the lips softly, with care. "Promiss never to leave me," she whispered. "I promiss you my little bundle of joy," I love her so much, there is no way I would leave her. "So how was the trip?" I asked. "It was great. I'm going to be the cover girl of glammer clother," she smiled. "I'm pround of you sweetie," I admitted. "Sweetie? You never call me sweetie," she giggled. "I just love you so much that I thought I might add a new word to the list of what you are," I smiled and kissed her nose as we were resting on eachother. "Awww you are so adorable Liam. You want to go dance?" she asked and looked at the dancefloor. "I would love to. I've been dying to show you my awesome new moves," I laughed. I couldn't dance at all. I had two left feet. "Haha, sure, you keep saying that to yourself," she joked and pulled me closer to her as we walked to the dance floor. We were dancing for a while when a drunken guy walked up to Ashley and said, "I love your sexy moves baby." "Excuse me, back off!" I threatened him. "What did you judt say to me?" she clentched his fists hard. I had to gain the courage to say, "You stay the hell away from her." "Why?" he growled. "'S MY GIRL!" I finally let our. "Well, she's going to be mine in a second. "Who the hell do you THINK YOU ARE!" Zayn helped me. He tried to stay cool but just lost it. Louis and Harry came a joined too. The man couldn't fight all of us. "Ok, ok, jees I was just playing," the man said and walked away. "Whatever makes you sleep at night idiot," Louis shot back after him. "You both okay?" Zayn asked us. "I think so," I managed to answer. "Yep, thank you babe for gaining the courage to say that. I know how hard it is for you to do that sort of thing," Ashley said and kissed my cheek. A smiled grew on my face as she kissed me and it felt so right. "Maybe we should go now," Harry stated. I nodded and we walked out. As we exited the doors we saw Niall and Isabell towards us. "You ready to go?" Louis asked them. "Yep," Niall said. "Are we catching different cabs home?" Zayn asked. "No, you boys and Ash can sleep at our house," Isabell said. "What about packing?" Louis asked. "We can pack in the morning," I said. "Sure. Sounds like a good plan to me," Harry smiled. The cab arived and we set off for Niall's and Isabell's house.

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