Deux Amours, Une Décision

Kennedy West has lived in Montigny-le-Roi France her whole life and has never left the country once. She has always dreamed of living in London after she read about it one day in her school library. Her parents were very hesitant of the idea to send her off to a whole new city, let alone a whole new country. But she finally convinced her parents when she won the job of a lifetime. She was the new assisstant for the band One Direction.


4. You had me Fooled.

This made me angry. I worked up the nerve that I lacked 6 months ago. "Why?" I demanded. "So you can screw screw screw and then dump me when you get bored of me? NO" I yelled not giving him any space to fit a word in. "I am not your toy anymore! SCREW YOU!" I yelled. I could tell he was a little taken back by my sudden burst of confidence, because of his lack of speech. He finally after a few seconds replied, "You're right Kennedy. You were my toy that I played with for a while and when I got bored of you I threw you away! And do you know why that is? It's because your DISPOSAL!" He yelled that last word. I was starting to cry. I couldn't hold my emotions in anymore. His words cut me like knives. I could here him chuckling on the other end. "you were too easy and desperate. All you wanted was to feel loved. All I wanted was to screw. We both got what we wanted. It's just my part of the bargain turned out better than yours." He stated. I started to cry even harder and then that evolved into bawling. I threw my phone at the wall of the flat and pulled my knees into my chest and bawled some more. I tried to calm myself down, but everytime I tried I just bawled even harder. "Kennedy?" A voice asked. "Go Away!" I managed to say In-between sobs. He ignored my request and came and sat beside me. It was Harry. "I said go away!" I hissed. "No. You need a friend right now and I'm here to be your friend!" He replied. I couldn't argue with him and I let him comfort me. He pulled me into his chest and started rubbing my back. My crying started to calm down. "I was fooled." I whispered. "Fooled?" he questioned. "Yes. I was fooled by my ex boyfriend. He acted like he loved me and always told me he did, but it was just a way for him to get in bed with me." Harry looked down at me shocked. "I was stupid and blinded by love. I gave him what he wanted and he have me what I wanted. But the thing is mine was real and his wasn't." I started to cry. "And then one day he got bored and dumped me. I felt used, broken, and stupid." the crying turned into in controllable sobs. Harry pulled me into a hug and and just kept comforting me. After a couple of minutes he managed to quit my crying. I just sat there my head on his chest and listening to him sing some kind of lullaby. I was in awe! His voice was so smooth and beautiful! I was lost in the song now. He finished off the song and then Turned my head so my face could face him. He looked me straight in the eyes and said, "Kennedy, you are absolutely stunning! Everything about you is amazing! Your personality, style, and looks. Any guy would be lucky to be in a relationship with you! You are wonderful!" I couldn't help but smile. "Thank you, Harry!" I whispered. "Your Welcome!" He smiled while pushing a strand of hair out of my face. He was so sweet and cute! I was so lucky to already have a great friend like him!" I say there for a coupe more minutes enjoying this moment when Harry said "The boys are probably wondering where we are." "Ya. They probably are very worried!" I sarcastically stated. we both got up and headed inside. We walked through the door and I was ambushed with hugs and "Are you all right's?" Why did these boys care so much about me? We just met and boys back home never cared about me or how I felt. "Ya. I'm fine now! Harry and I talked and he has made me feel a lot better. Thank you guys for caring!" I said. They all replied with "Your Welcomes" and "No Problems" and "Hey What Are Friends For." We chatted for a couple of minutes and then I looked at my watch. It was 10 and I was becoming super tired. "Hey boys, I'm going to take a shower and then go off to bed." I stated. They all looked a little sad, but agreed after the night I had been through. I went down to the bathroom and took a long well deserved shower. I let the steam swirl around me. It felt so good and relieved a lot of my stress. I got out after a couple of minutes and walked into my room. It was originally Liam's, but he let me have it while
Im living with them and he is now sharing a room with Niall. That was so sweet of him! His room was really nice. It had a queen size bed with a royal blue duvet. It was beautiful and also very comfy. I got in the bed and turned off the lights. I then thought about each boys future and how I fit into it.
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