Deux Amours, Une Décision

Kennedy West has lived in Montigny-le-Roi France her whole life and has never left the country once. She has always dreamed of living in London after she read about it one day in her school library. Her parents were very hesitant of the idea to send her off to a whole new city, let alone a whole new country. But she finally convinced her parents when she won the job of a lifetime. She was the new assisstant for the band One Direction.


8. What a Day Ahead of Us!

I walk out of my bedroom and into the living area. The boys are just standing around waiting for the elevator.

"Are you excited for your first day?" Zayn asked sarcastically.

"Totally! I like can't wait to be like bossed around by like the number one boyband in like the whole wide world." I reply in my best valley girl voice.

The boys roar with laughter while clenching their guts, except Harry.


The elevator dings and we all get into the cramped area.

As we are descending down to the lobby, we all make small talk.

I keep stealing glimpses at Harry. He doesn’t look very cheerful today.

The elevator dings and opens its doors to let us escape. We walk into and through the lobby to the main entrance.

“Your limo has arrived.” Is all the desk manager is able to say.

Without stopping, we all said “Thank You” and walk out the main entrance and into the limo.

The seating order is Zayn, Liam, Louis on one row and across from them is Niall, me, and Harry.

Of course it would be that.

We all get situated and the limo takes off and drives toward the arena.

(The boys are practicing performing on stage for their tour that will kick off in the US this summer.)

I look across from me and Liam and Louis are having a conversation about ducks, while Zayn is texting someone.

Haha! They are so cute!

I look over at Niall and he is staring out the window.

This is my chance to finally get to talk with him!

“I really liked Nandos the other night.” I projected to Niall.

He turned from the window and smiled at me.

“I knew you would.”

I haven’t really talked to Niall, yet. I wanted to know him better. To be closer to him.

“Wanna play Quickfire?” I asked playfully.

“Ya!!! Ok. What’s your---“

I cut him off. “No! It’s my turn to ask the questions.”

He smiled and waited.

“Favorite color?” I shot at him.

“Green.” He shot back with the same amount of speed.

 “Middle Name?”

“James, just like Liam.” He smiled at Liam

“Favorite song?”

“Viva La Vida”

I kept shooting out answers to keep up with his pace. In between questions, I would catch glimpses of Harry. His body was very tense and he had a sad expression across his face.

The guilt is eating away at me! I had no idea that this would have such an effect on him. I really need to talk to him today!


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