Deux Amours, Une Décision

Kennedy West has lived in Montigny-le-Roi France her whole life and has never left the country once. She has always dreamed of living in London after she read about it one day in her school library. Her parents were very hesitant of the idea to send her off to a whole new city, let alone a whole new country. But she finally convinced her parents when she won the job of a lifetime. She was the new assisstant for the band One Direction.


7. Give Us A Chance!

California Gurls we're undeniable. Daisy Dukes. Bikinis on top.

My alarm was singing to me telling me it was time to get up and get ready for the big day ahead of us. Today was my first day of being the boy's assistant.

I dreaded the idea of seeing Harry all day. It would be awkward between us after what happened last night.

I pushed the thought out of my head, pushed the covers aside, and went to the bathroom.

I took a good look of myself in the mirror. My hair was flying in all directions and my skin was lightly sunburned. Great! Great way to start your first day!

"Kennedy? Can I come in?" Louis asked.


He came in and closed the door behind him quietly.

"In Here." I shouted.

He came to the bathroom and leaned against the frame.

"Can I help you?" I asked while brushing my tangled hair.

He fixed his gaze off me and looked down.

"Y-Ya." He stuttered

He paused. Trying to gain some confidence in his voice.

 "Do you know why Harry was so distant last night? He is usually so cheeky and he just wasn't last night."

I started putting on some eyeliner and mascara.


I paused for a brief moment to concentrate on drawing a straight line for my eyeliner. I'm new to the whole make-up concept.

"You know Harry gave me the grand tour of London yesterday."

"Yes." He said waiting for more.

I continued "Well, he ended it by taking me on the London Eye to see the sunset."

"Uh-hunh" He was erging for more.

"And then he leaned into kiss me and I turned my head to so he couldn't." I shrugged.

I was done with my eye makeup. I turned to face Louis.

He looked at me very confused and upset.

"Why did you do that?" He asked offensively.

I pushed past him and opened up my dresser drawers to pick what I was wearing for the day. He followed me into the bedroom.

"I just wasn't ready to get back into a relationship after everything that has just happened with Kody."

I pulled out some outfits and laid them across the bed, trying to decide which one would get to be the lucky winner.

He grabbed my shoulder to get my attention.

"I understand why, but you need to know Kennedy, that we are not anything like that dog! We boys will never hurt or take advantage of you in any kind of way. We all have to much respect for you, considering you were willing to leave your home country and live with five boys you knew nothing about. We just want you to give us all a chance."

He turned and made his way to the door.

"By the way I would go with the floral dress. It will make you look beautiful!"

He then walked out and closed the door behind him.

Guilt flooded over me. Why was I so stupid! I should of gave Harry a chance.



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