Deux Amours, Une Décision

Kennedy West has lived in Montigny-le-Roi France her whole life and has never left the country once. She has always dreamed of living in London after she read about it one day in her school library. Her parents were very hesitant of the idea to send her off to a whole new city, let alone a whole new country. But she finally convinced her parents when she won the job of a lifetime. She was the new assisstant for the band One Direction.


2. Bonding

Oh! That's all I had to say. He let out a laugh. Come on Love the car is this way. Wait, Louis. We need to go get my luggage. I said. I'm way ahead of you. While you were walking to the big room with the conveyer belts, I had some personnel deliver your luggage to my car. He smiled, proud of himself. Now we need to go before people start to realize 1/5 of One Direction is at the airport. He grabbed my hand and pulled me towards his car. I smiled at the thought that this super famous popstar guy that I have just met was holding my hand. I followed behind him into the parking garage and we stopped in front of a black SUV. I laughed. Cuz a black SUV doesn't scream mystery. I sarcastically stated. He busted up laughing and replied, that's what I tried to tell management, but they are persistent on the thought that black SUV's are the safest car out there. He walked over to the passenger side and pulled and held open my door for me. I was taken back by this random act of kindness. I was not use to guys opening and holding my door for me while I got in the car. Especially Kody! Why thank you, sir! I said in my best British accent. He bowed and replied, anything for the Carrot Princess. I busted up laughing. What? I managed to ask in between fits of laughter. He shook his head in disapproval and replied, You didn't do your research. We both burst into laughter and then he closed my door and walked over and got in on his side and started the car and we pulled out. It was quiet the first few minutes, because I stared out the window in awe and Louis let me enjoy myself. I was watching the Big Ben come to view, when I felt my phone buzz in my pocket. I pulled it out of my pocket and looked at the screen. It was a call from Kody. I sighed and ignored his call. Louis noticed this and asked, is everything all right? Ya. I lied. He didn't seem completely convinced, but dropped the subject. We were quiet for a couple more minutes and then he broke the silence. Tell me about yourself. What? I asked confused. I want to know your life story. I want to get to know you. We both laughed. My life is really not that interesting compared toward yours. I replied. Yes it is. He shot back. Everyone's life is exciting. It's just that everybody finds different things exciting. I thought about it and he was right. Ok. Well.... We spent the rest of the ride talking about my life and every now and again he would comment.  He was very easy to talk to and he really seemed interested in what I had to say. We were so preoccupied in the conversation that I had no clue we pulled up in front of the flat. I looked out of the car window and stared up and my down the flat complex. Louis laughed and said, Ya it's really big. He got out of the car and walked over to my side and pulled the door. I stepped out and he closed the door behind me.  He started walking to the doors of the complex and then turned to face me. Are you coming? He asked. What about my luggage? Don't worry the bellhop will bring it up soon and the valet will park the car. Just in case you were wondering about that too. I laughed and followed him in the complex doors. We walked through the lobby straight to the elevators. We got in and Louis inserted his key and pushed the last number in the list. I was starting to become nervous. The elevator started to move and we were heading to our final destination. Louis looked at me excitedly and asked, Are you ready for your new life? I looked at him and replied, Yes. Yes I am. He smiled and said, I'm really glad you were chosen to be our new assistant. I smiled and replied, Me too. The elevator stopped and the door opened. Louis walked out and shouted, SHE'S HERE! At that point I heard thumps and stomps and I felt the whole flat shake.
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