Major Complications (Part 2)

Emma and Tiffany are the happiest people on the planet. They are best friends and are dating 2 members of One Direction. But Emma and Liam feel like Niall and Tiffany are changing. So of course, Liam and Emma find comfort in each other, and it might just go a bit too far.
This is part 2 of the Complications trilogy. Part 1 up and is called Minor Complications! Comment, favorite, and like please!!


14. Part 4- Recovery


I am so mentally exhausted from crying I don’t even know how I got back to Liam’s. The next thing I know is I am walking through the front door at 8:30 pm and there is Liam asking me how everything went. I shake my head, let out a sob, and run up the stairs. I lost two of my closest friends in one day. You have to mess up big time to do that.



I open my eyes involuntarily. My head pounds and I squint at the bright sunlight. I look at the clock. 2:30 pm! I slept for 18 hours! I stand up a little too quickly and I become dizzy. I shake it off and walk down the stairs. I hear Liam in the kitchen. I walk in.

“Whoa! What the hell are you doing here?” Liam yells at me.

I feel a pang of pain in my stomach. “Liam what are you talking about?”

“Who are you? You can’t just break into my house! I need some privacy!”

“Liam it’s me Emma! My place burnt down and I am staying with you. How do you not remember me?” I feel my eyes start to water. Am I crazy?

“Pssst.” Liam whispers out of the corner of his mouth. “We are starting all over, remember? I don’t know who you are.”

I start to laugh at the realization of what he was doing. “Oh, right sorry. How rude of me. Um, I’m Emma.”

“Oh that’s cool. Hey, how’s it going, I’m Liam.” We shake hands. “So what was this about your apartment burning down?”

“I never said it was an apartment.” I say smiling.

He clears his throat. “Oh? Oh well you know I just assumed.”

“Yeah well my apartment did burn down so I’m looking for a place to stay.”

“Well since you broke into my place I’m kind of creeped out by you but I’m in a good mood so I guess you can stay.” He says seriously.

“Aw, thanks.”

“How did you know where I live anyway? Are you one of my creepy stalker fans?”

“Yes. I just can’t control myself when it comes to One Direction.” I say trying to control my laughter.

“Oh well maybe you should get that checked. That isn’t healthy. Just weird actually-.”

I cut him off by wrapping my arms around his neck and hug him while laughing. I put my head on his chest and feel his warmth. I felt so much better. “Thank you, Liam,” I whisper.

“You’re welcome,” he whispers back.

I hear my phone beep from the counter. I must have left it there yesterday. “I’m gonna make you some food. You are probably really hungry.”

I laugh in agreement. I check my phone, dreading what I will see.

Harry was wrong. I have 3 new messages.

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