Major Complications (Part 2)

Emma and Tiffany are the happiest people on the planet. They are best friends and are dating 2 members of One Direction. But Emma and Liam feel like Niall and Tiffany are changing. So of course, Liam and Emma find comfort in each other, and it might just go a bit too far.
This is part 2 of the Complications trilogy. Part 1 up and is called Minor Complications! Comment, favorite, and like please!!


12. Part 2- Tiffany


“Hey,” I hear Tiffany’s voice on the other end.

“Are you home?”

“Yeah, why?” she asks.

“I’m outside. I need to talk to you,” I hang up and walk up the stairs to her door. She opens the door as soon as I get there, and I walk in without waiting for an invitation. And that’s when I realize how long it has been since I have visited my best friend. Maybe it was because of her recent break up. The apartment was a mess. Clothes and trash was everywhere. The only clear place was the couch, but it was nearly impossible to get to with all the things cluttered around it. And then I got a good look at Tiffany herself. Her hair was greasy and tangled. Her eyes and cheeks were puffy and red.

“Did Liam tell you? Of course he did. You’re staying with him!” she says as more tears fall down her face.

“Tiffany, that’s what I need to talk to you about.”

She sits down on the couch and looks up at me. “It’s about Liam?”

“Yes. Please don’t hate me. And let me tell you the whole story about what happened before you start talking. Okay?”

She just nods at me so I continue. And I tell her the whole story. Starting from the night she and Liam got in to a fight straight through today. She didn’t speak the whole time. “I’m sorry for everything. None of this was supposed to happen. You are my best friend and I love you. And I know you might not forget me but I hope somehow you will.” I stopped and stared at her. She just looked blankly at me. But it was like she was looking through me rather than at me. After a few seconds I couldn’t take the silence anymore. “Please say something Tiff.”

“Does Niall know?”

I was surprised that this was the first thing she said. “Not yet. I was going to tell him after I told you.”

She sat there for a few more seconds with her continuous blank stare and her jaw twitching. Finally, she blinks and says, “Anything else you want to tell me?” I shake my head. “Great, can I see your phone real quick?” Not knowing what else to do and still in shock that she was still talking to me, I hand her my cell. She knows my pass code so she unlocks it and clicks the screen a few times.

“What are you doing?” I ask.

“Deleting my number.”

“What? Why?”

“Because only my friends have my phone number, and you are definitely not one of my friends. Don’t try to get my number again. Don’t try to talk to me.  Don’t come back here because I never want to hear or see you again. Do you understand?” she hands me back my phone.

Tears fill my eyes, “Tiff-.”

“Please leave.” She says as she gets off the couch and I hear her slam her bedroom door shut.

I stand there in her living room, quiet, hot tears falling down my face and neck. I want to go pound on her door and beg her to forgive me. I am about to, but Harry’s words echo in my head and I know I have to give her space. So I leave. And I cry all the way to Niall’s. 

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