The Strongest Magic of All

Being a sophomore in Andrewson High, struggling to live passed the bullying, just like many other openly gay teens. The majority of the school treated Nick Mansen like crap, while SOME kids he could get along with. But he did have one true, loyal friend. Rex Omnia, pretty much the coolest, kindest, most liked, yet somewhat feared guy in the school. Nick and Rex were best friends, and they'd do anything to defend each other. Just as Nick thought his life couldn't get more difficult, it did. Nick's father reveals some unbelievable secrets of another world, abandoned, full of magic, and the most surprising: their home.

The Evil King of Leda, full of vengeance, sought to destroy his subjects' happiness, and so brought them to a place where all their happiness was taken from them: our world. Only their savior was protected from the King's powerful curse, and is the only one to save them all. Just to his luck, Nick is that savior. Nick must awaken, and fight the enraged King to the death.


1. The Curse of All Curses

[NOTE: The writer is aware that this story is somewhat like the TV show "Once Upon a Time". And many things have been changed to the writer's own idea. Enjoy!]

"C'mon.. c'mon!!" cried Montgomery, riding his beautiful steed and looking at the red sky above. "I mustn't let my wife deal such pain without my company"

Just as he approached his little cottage, Joshua, his trusted neighbor rushed out from Montgomery's house and informed "We cannot wait any longer. The Midwife has begun, and you must hurry! Word has been sent from the woods that it has begun as well."

"Then right you are, dear friend. Excuse me while I comfort my lady." And on that note, Montgomery rushed into his home and upstairs to his bedroom, where his wife, Arella, had been crying in pain of giving birth to their blessed child. The Midwife, standing at the foot of the bed, instructed her to breath and push. Montgomery sat beside his beautiful maiden, pulling her luscious chocolate colored hair behind her neck. He held her hand as she cried, breathed, and pushed, just as the Midwife had instructed.

"Almost, dear," she said. She rose from the foot of the bed holding a beautiful child, whose cries brought a smile to the joyous couple's face. Arella held out her arms as the Midwife gave her the child, smiling. "It is a boy. Congratulations! What shall you name him, Madame?"

Arella looked to her proud husband, knowing the name they'd both chosen. "Nicholas. His name shall be Nicholas," she smiled, gazing into the boy's eyes. Montgomery had done the same, then became shocked as Joshua barged in with a terrified look.

"It's just on the horizon!" he cried. "And the King's men are right down the road. They'll be here before we know it, so do hurry, my friends!"

"I fear I cannot do this, my love," whispered Arella to her husband. "What if it doesn't work? What if we fail?"

"We can't fail," said Montgomery. "You must believe in our son. And you must believe we will be together again."

Arella sat there for a long moment. Then she nodded and gave Nicholas to Montogomery. He rushed out of the bedroom and took his confused son to the nursery, where in the center of the room was a wardrobe of the finest wood in the land. He carefully opened the doors and reluctantly placed his distressed son inside. "Fear not, my boy. I shall see you soon." And he closed the doors and locked them. He heard cries and shouting coming from the bedroom, and so he rushed there to ensure his wife and friends were safe and sound. 

To his expecting, the King's guards had stormed their house, some running through the hall behind him and entering the nursery. He almost rushed after them, when two guards held him back into the bedroom. He watched his wife, who had been crying in terror. "You won't win!" he shouted. "Our lives won't end like this."

"The King is the one who shall celebrate in victory," said the guard to his left. "We all shall live without knowledge of anything in these lives. Surely you knew that."

Montgomery was ready to fight, when the ceiling cracked and tore apart, revealing a vortex swirling above them all. Lightning nearly blinded each of them. Every single one of them had a look of horror, except for the guards, who merely had a look of acceptance. Just the following moment, the windows shattered, letting in a shroud of black fog, flashing with green, encasing them all inside it. Just as they disappeared inside, they all blacked out, and their existence seemed to be reshaped.

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