Save You Tonight

Holmes Chapel: Kallie was the "it" girl at her high school, but all that changed when she was diagnosed with Luekemia. Her best friend, Annalisse helps keep her strong along with not only Kallie's doctor but one of their best friends, Dr. Thompson. Kallie struggles with her insecurities but when she meets One Direction that all stops.


2. Unbearable Pain

I know I'm going to die. This cancer is very hard to conquer but at least I know that I have a best friend with me along the journey. I love my best friend. Today is one of the hardest days. My 3 hour treatment. This is what makes me very sick. Annalisse is driving me there. Did I mention my parents are both dead. I live with Annalisse and use my fathers money to pay for everything. School fundraisers help too. But Annalisse is driving me to the hospital. This day is the only she doesn't stay because I don't want her to see me in so much pain.
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