Save You Tonight

Holmes Chapel: Kallie was the "it" girl at her high school, but all that changed when she was diagnosed with Luekemia. Her best friend, Annalisse helps keep her strong along with not only Kallie's doctor but one of their best friends, Dr. Thompson. Kallie struggles with her insecurities but when she meets One Direction that all stops.


5. I Need You

That's when I realize Annalisse isn't my best friend. She's my sister. "Kallie, what's wrong? Why are you crying?" she asks while gripping my hand. "I was crying because I needed you to help me get through this. from now on you better come to all my treatments even if I say no come anyway. I will need you eventually!" We laugh. "Well, the treatment just started so pull up a chair. Keep me busy." "Ok, so I know right probably isn't the right time to tell you because you can't get too excited-" I cut her off. "What is it?" I'm jumping up in down inside and I don't even know what's going on. "Well, I did I little fundraiser at school for you... And I raises enought money to buy us 3 VIP passes to One Direction!" She pulls out 3  lanyards and 3 tickets. "What are we gunna do with the extra?" "Give it to Dr. Thompson, duh!" "Give what to me?" asks Dr. Thompson. "I bought us VIP passes to One Direction! And I got you one too!"
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