Save You Tonight

Holmes Chapel: Kallie was the "it" girl at her high school, but all that changed when she was diagnosed with Luekemia. Her best friend, Annalisse helps keep her strong along with not only Kallie's doctor but one of their best friends, Dr. Thompson. Kallie struggles with her insecurities but when she meets One Direction that all stops.


4. Hardest Part Is...

I get out and go check in. Dr. Thompson is my doctor. She is so great and knows the right things to say and how to help Annalisse get thought this. She pats me on the back. "Alright, Miss Kallie. You ready?" "Ready as I'll ever be." I lay down and she hooks me up and it's time. Dr. Thompson talks to me during my treatment to keep me company. "So how's Annalisse?" "She's great! I just don't like it when she sees me so sick. You know?" She rubs my cheek. "I know sweetheart, I know." I start to cry a little. I hate it when I cry but today it's seems like I can't help it. "Dr. Thompson, can you call Annalisse? I change my mind I want her here with me." "Yes, honey." She calls and come to find out Annalisse never left the parking lot. She knew I needed her, because she needed me.
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