Save You Tonight

Holmes Chapel: Kallie was the "it" girl at her high school, but all that changed when she was diagnosed with Luekemia. Her best friend, Annalisse helps keep her strong along with not only Kallie's doctor but one of their best friends, Dr. Thompson. Kallie struggles with her insecurities but when she meets One Direction that all stops.


3. Admitting It

I turn up the radio to hear our favorite song! More Than This by One Direction. We are the biggest directioners you could ever meet. We actually went to school with Harry. Harry and I grew up next door to each other but never really talked. It would be our dream to see them in concert. But sadly the song is over and we are at the hospital. Let the pain begin. "Kallie, I am always praying for you. Don't give up hope, love! You are fine. We'll get through this. Together." she says as she squeezes my hand. She only says it to make her feel better. She knows I'm not going to make it. I fake smile.  "Annalisse, I love you. And I'm glad you pray for me but-" "Don't even! You are going to be FINE! DON'T SIT THERE AND SAY YOU AREN'T BECAUSE YOU ARE!" I know it's hard for her. I wish I could think the same way.
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