He Saved Me

When I go on a field trip to england I run across the most amazing guy in the world.


2. The Call

Harrys POV:

Was that cool. I sure hope so. She was so beautiful. 

"HARRY" Louis said as I walked in the door.

"LOUIS" I screamed back at him.

"Harry where have you been?" asked Niall.

"Oh I was just taking a walk. Hey do you guys mind if I have a girl over tonight?'

"No prob," said Niall "whats the lucky girls name?" asked Louis.

Shit! How did I forget to ask her name. I mean she probably knows mine, but I don't know hers.

" Well umm..." I  started to say. "You don't know her name, do you Harry?" asked Louis.

My phone rang." I think I am about to find out."

Carlys POV:

"Hello Harry speaking!" he said when he answered the phone.

" Oh hi Harry, umm we met today, do you remember?" I said not knowing what to say.

" Ya I remember but I don't think I got your name."

" Oh its Carly!"

"Well Carly how would you like to come over for dinner?"

"Ummmm... I would love to but isn't this to soon I mean we just met and I don't even know you."

"Your funny Carly whats your address I will pick you up tonight at 7?"

" I'm staying at the Strand Palace."

"Ok see you then bye!"

"Bye!?" I answered nervously.

Corys POV:

I didn't know if it was right or wrong to be listening to Carly's convo but I had a feeling that I should.I mean she was leaving me on our first night in England to go on a date. What was I supposed to do? Go find One Direction!?? Even Carly couldn't do that!

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