He Saved Me

When I go on a field trip to england I run across the most amazing guy in the world.


16. Tears

I woke up at 5 in the morning. I decided to get up and go see the boys. I got ready and got a cab. When I got to Harry's I looked under the mat for the spare key and there it was. When I went in it was silent. It seemed like the house was empty. I walked quietly up the stairs and into Harry's room. He was still asleep and he looked adorable. I wanted to remember this when I left so I took a pic. I then posted it on twitter. I guess I forgot to turn my phone on silent because about 1 second after I posted the pic my phone exploded with notifications and woke Harry up, "What are you doing in here?" "I decided to come see you. I used the spare key under the mat. You are so cute when you sleep!" "Well thanks and I am glad your here but why so early?" "I want to spend every second with you until I have to leave." "Aww! Hey wanna do something fun?" We walked out and headed to Lou's room. We screamed/sang together, "Get out Get out Get out of bed and fall on to the floor instead!", As I jumped on him. When he woke up he looked pissed. "Oh shit! We better run!" We ran out of t`he room and into the room that the other boys were sharing and jumped from bed to bed while trying to get away from Lou. Lou finally caught me. "Louis give her back!!" Harry cried. "No! Not until she apologizes!" "I will never apologize!!" I screamed. Louis threw me over his shoulders and started carrying me around. I let him do it for a while too. "Louis I am bored can I please get down?" "Are you going to apologize?" "Fine! I am sorry for waking you up and jumping on you!" He put me down and ran to Harry. "That felt like Shrek Kinda!" "Haha it did didnt it!" The whole day was like this, hanging out with the boys and picking on them. I was gonna miss them. Eventually it was time for me to leave. "Harry I have to go now." I said trying not to cry. The boys all looked confused. "My plane leaves in an hour, I have to go live with my aunt now.(* I said grandma a few chapters back but im changing it now.)" They all looked horrible. I walked up to Harry and kissed him. "Goodbye Harry. I love you." And with that I walked out the door.

*Later at the airport

As we got on to the plane a tear rolled down my cheek. I was leaving the love of my life. When we were on the plane I took out my phone and turned on my long list of One Direction songs and fell asleep.

Harrys POV:
She told me she was leaving. But it was so hard to think that it was actually happening right now. I had an idea."Boys I am not letting her get away. I am getting on that flight with her. Will you please go with me?" They all said yes and we were off t`o the airport. We got there right in time to buy 5 first class seats. We decided not to let her see us till we got to Indiana.


We finally arrived in Indiana. Louis and Liam went to get us a car and Zayn and Niall went to get food while I looked for Carly.

Carlys POV:

We finally landed. We were so close to home now. Only an hour away. When everyone finally got their luggage we got on the bus. I sat beside Cory and fell asleep again.

Harrys POV:

 I never did find Carly but I found a bus that said Rossville on it and remembered her saying that was where she lived. Louis and Liam came back and Niall and Zayn came back. We followed the bus that had Carly on it all the way back to her school.

Carlys POV:

Cory woke me up paranoid because a car seemed to be following us. It was a little bit weird because they followed us all the way back to the school and parked. I was the last one off the bus. I saw my aunt and got in her car and went to my new home.

Harrys POV:

We followed Carly to her aunts house and parked in the neighbors driveway and waited for them to go inside. When it looked like they were inside I put on a pair of sunglasses and walked up to the door. I knocked. Her aunt answered the door. "Hi is Carly there?"

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