He Saved Me

When I go on a field trip to england I run across the most amazing guy in the world.


12. Our Day

We ended up going shopping. I got 3 new pairs of shoes and helped Harry pick out some clothes. On our way home we stopped at Nando's. To be honest I had never been there so I got the same as Harry. While we were eating I got a text from my friend Jayden. FROM JAYDEN: Where r u and cory?? Mcracken is calling a class meeting tonite i heard! U better get back here! TO JAYDEN: Thanks jay! We will be ther soon! "Hey Harry we have to hurry. My principal is calling a class meeting tonight at our hotel." "Ok we will get you guys back. You ready to go?" "Yep!" I texted Cory and told her what Jayden said. My phone started blowing up with texts. Some about the meeting and some about the latest trend on Twitter. I looked on Twitter and I had A LOT of hate! People were talking about someone named Carry. I didn't know anyone named Carry and have no clue why people hate me. Here's one of the tweets, "Who do ya think ya r bitch? Carry def. isnt gonna last!". "Hey Harry, who's Carry?" "I don't know. Where did that come up?" "On twitter. People are talking about Carry and here's something else called Harly." "Oh. I think those are about me and you. They combined our names." "Oh." I looked down in pain and hurt. "What's wrong Carly?" "All those tweets are hate messages." "Oh. I am so sorry Carly. I will fix this after I drop you guys off." "Thanks babe!" "No problem Love!" We were silent the rest of the way. We picked up Cory and went to the hotel. When we got there Cory got out right away. "Well thanks Harry! I had fun today! I don't want to go back home. I wanna stay here with you." He leaned in and crashed his soft pink lips against mine. Our lips moved in sync. I wished that this moment would never end. It sadly ended when we saw camera flashes coming from out side the car. I got out right away and ran inside. One of my best friends in the world came up to me. "Hey Luke! How has the trip been so far for ya?" "Pretty good, but Cassidy just broke up with me." "Aww I am so sorry! She doesn't know what shes missing!" "Thanks Carly! So just wondering was that paparazzi that I saw following you?" "Ummm.. ya but don't tell anyone!" "I wont I promise but we should get in there. The meetings about to start." As we walked in everyone seemed to be looking at me. I started to walk faster and sat beside Jayden and Cory. Mr.McCracken started the meeting. "Ok we are having this meeting to say that starting tomorrow night we will be doing room checks since we are getting close to leaving time. All students must be in their rooms by midnight. You may now return to your fun. Except Carly. I need to speak to you." I walked up to the front of the room. "Carly I am afraid I have some bad news. Your house in Rossville blew up earlier today. I am sad to say that all of your family died and there are no remains of your house." I couldn't believe what he was telling me. My mom was perfectly fine this morning. And now he is saying they are all gone. "The police believe that this was no accident. Someone blew up your home and family. We will keep you posted for the remainder of this trip or you may go back early to live with your Grandmother." I Was speechless  All I could think to do was cry. "Carly, would you like to go back earl..." I cut him off, "No I want to stay for the rest of the trip." I turned around and walked up to my room. Cory was in there and saw that I was crying. I explained everything to her and went to bed.

*A/N: Omg were you expecting that? I almost cried as i wrote it!! Also what do you think of Luke?And Jayden?

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