He Saved Me

When I go on a field trip to england I run across the most amazing guy in the world.


1. Meeting

Oh my god! I didn't think Cory would ever shut up. She kept going on and on about meeting some boy band named One Direction . I had never heard of them but she was obsessed with these three boys named Louis, Liam, and Zayn. I was so happy when our flight landed in England. Mr.McCracken was trying to give directions but I had no clue what he was saying. When we were finally out of the airport we were on our own. Me and Cory decided to go shopping first. We basically had the same plan as when we went to Ireland . After we went shopping we went to the hotel and dropped everything off. Cory wanted to walk around the city so we did. Cory started complaining because she had to use the restroom. We stopped at the first one we found and she went in. While I was standing there this really cute guy with curly brown hair bumped into me.
"Sorry" he said.
"It's ok" I said slowly as I stared into his beautiful eyes.
"Why don't you give me a call some time" he said as he wrote nine digits on my hand.
I was speechless. He walked away just as Cory came out.
"Who's number is that " she asked as he pointed to my hand.
" I don't know " I told her.
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