He Saved Me

When I go on a field trip to england I run across the most amazing guy in the world.


4. Meeting the guys

Carly's POV: I could not believe I was with Harry Styles. Cory was going to shocked when I told her that I met Harry Styles. Harry pulled into the drive way of a three story house. I don't know why I was slightly shocked I mean he just told me he was the Harry Styles that was in One Direction. But I guess he could tell I was shocked. "What you act like you've never seen a house before." "It's just that where I live there is only one house as big as this. No one lives in that house anymore though because the family that built the house and lived there got in trouble with the government."  When I walked in there were four boys sitting on the sofa laughing. They all stoped laughing when I walked in the living room with Harry. One of them stared at me. The other three watched him. He was the only one in the room besides me that was blonde. Harry spoke up and introduced me. "Guys this is Carly. Carly this is Liam, Zayn, Louis, and Niall." "Hi Carly!" It seemed like Niall was shouting. "Hi Niall." I said in a quieter voice than Niall. I think Niall liked me. I could definitely tell Harry was not happy with Niall at all. Harry's POV: That bastard. I was not going the let him take her from me. I just met her and if he thinks he can take her so easily he is dead wrong. "Niall can I talk to you." "Umm sure." He said as he finally stopped staring at Carly. "Listen Niall, I want you to stay as far away as possible from Carly. Got it?" "Ya Harry." "Thanks man." I walked out of the kitchen. I saw Louis questioning Carly. "So how did you and my Harry meet." "C'Mon Lou leave her alone." I said half laughing. I saw a smile on Carly's face and I could tell she had been laughing. She was so cute. I can't believe that I found her.

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