He Saved Me

When I go on a field trip to england I run across the most amazing guy in the world.


7. Just a Stupid Kiss

Carlys POV:

Cory just stared at me with her jaw dropped. "Hello earth to Cory." "Sorry but did you say Harry kissed you? How was it? Did you like it?" "It was ok and for a second I liked it but then I remembered Kyler and catching him kiss Sequoya. I don't know if Harry has a girlfriend. If he does I don't want to be the Sequoya in their relationship." "Wait so the kiss didn't remind you of kissing Kyler?" "No why would it I never kissed Kyler. I had never kissed anyone before." "Wait so you just had your first kiss?! You are so lucky! Your first kiss was with Harry Styles!" "Cory shut up I dont care if it was my first kiss or not, IT WAS JUST A STUPID, OLD, BORING, EVERYDAY KISS!" "I think you just solved your own problem." "What are you talking about?" "It was just a kiss. Its not going to harm anything. Now you can talk to Harry tomorrow."

She was right it was just a kiss. It wouldn't harm anything. Now I can talk to Harry and figure things out tomorrow.

After talking to Cory I went and took a shower. I started to sing "What Makes You Beautiful" because I had only heard it a couple thousand times when I was with Cory. After my shower I got dressed in my pink polka-dot pajamas. I had gotten them from my grandma the previous Christmas. They were my favorite pajamas.After getting dressed I brushed my long blonde hair, brushed my teeth, and went to bed.


Harrys POV:

I couldnt believe she ran out. I walked downstairs just as Louis was getting back. "Where have you been Lou?" "I took Carly back to the hotel." "What? Why?" "Harry give her some space. She recently caught her boyfriend cheating on her and went through a tough break up." "Oh,I had no clue. Lou I think I love her. What if she leaves and I never see her again?" "If she leaves without seeing you again, then you will know she is not the one. Hazza don't worry. You will see her again." "Thanks Lou! You are the best mate anyone could ever ask for. I hope I never lose you because I have no idea how i would ever make it." That was very true and I would never regret saying that.

After talking to Louis I went up to my room. Got out of my clothes and went to bed. I hoped I would see Carly tomorrow. I already missed her so much.

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