He Saved Me

When I go on a field trip to england I run across the most amazing guy in the world.


14. Explaining

Carlys POV:

I woke up on Harry's chest. I saw that he was asleep so I went back to sleep.


I woke up to see Luke and Harry fighting. "What the hell?! What is going on?" Harry walked up to me and explained, "Well you see this creep comes and starts knocking on the door and won't leave. I tell him your not available and he demands to see you. He pushes pass me and sees you on the bed. He freaks out and we started fighting and well know we are here." "Thank you Harry for that explanation. However that "Creep" happens to be one of my best friends. He cares a lot about me and is really protective." I smile at Luke as I say this. "Now Luke, why did you freak out I was just sleeping?" "Oh umm well I heard about your family, my mom called to tell me and to tell you how sorry she is. So when I got down here, Curly wouldn't let me in. Then I see you on the bed. I thought you were dead Carly." I walked over to him and hugged him. "I am right here. I am not dead. And Harry will never hurt me. He isn't like Kyler." I told Luke that to calm him down. "What did he do to you?" Harry asked me and there was a look in his eyes that I hope I will never have to see again."He abused her. He kicked her, hit her, beat her, anything he could think of." Luke quickly answered for me. Luke was there with me the whole time. He is so pissed because Kyler was his friend, and he hurt me. Harry's look got scarier. "Harry calm down babe. He is in my past." "Babe?" Luke asked me. I forgot I hadn't told him. " Ummm Luke, me and Harry are going out." I watch him as he just looks completely shocked. "Umm Umm That is great Carly. I am happy for you." "Thanks Luke!" "Well I better get back to my room. You know before Daniel destroys it." "Ok, bye, wait hand shake!" We do our secret handshake. Well its actually not secret. Luke made it up in 7th grade and then told the whole class the trick to it. God, I love him! But trust me only as a brother.

Lukes POV:

I was so afraid when I walked in that she was gone. If she was I was gonna beat the shit out of this guy. Like she said I have always been there. I have always been there because she is beautiful and it pains me to see her in tears. I was so happy to find out she was ok. God, I love her! But trust me, way more than a sister.


Carlys POV:
God I just realized it is Thursday. Tomorrow is my last day with the lads. I am gonna miss them so much. I don't know how to tell Harry that tomorrows my last day. He thinks my last day is Saturday, but they cut the trip short because of what happened. I went up to him, "Promise you will stay with me, no matter where I go." "I promise Love." "Umm Harry, I need to tell you some thing." "Ok what is it?" "Umm we are leaving tomorrow." "What no you are leaving Saturday. You must have your days mixed up." "No Harry, we are leaving tomorrow,they cut the trip short."I said trying not to cry. "What Carly you cant leave me. I need you. The boys need you." "Harry its not my choice. I have to go home. I will save my money and in a month when I graduate I will find someway to come back." He looked as if I had just killed everything in his world. "Harry, you knew I would have to leave sooner or later." He started crying. "What am I going to do without you? You are my everything!" I wanted to cry. In fact I think I felt a tear roll down my cheek. "Harry you will be ok, you have the boys, I will be back soon." Cory walked in just then. "Sorry for interrupting but it is 11:50 and room checks are at midnight." "Thanks Cory." "I guess I will be going then." Harry stood up and wiped the tears from his eyes. I stood up and kissed his soft lips lightly. "See ya tomorrow." Were his last words before he left.

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