He Saved Me

When I go on a field trip to england I run across the most amazing guy in the world.


10. After Titanic

Carlys POV: Ok I couldnt help it. It was so sad and romantic and I cried. I tried not to but Im a girl. I cry at romantic things. when i started crying harry put his arm around me. so i took advantage of this and curled up in his arms. Lou pulled the whole stretching his arm trick on cory. she did the same as me and curled up in his arms. the movie was awesome as always. but Louis was eating carrots instead of popcorn the whole time and was really loud. i decided when the movie was over to act like i was asleep. i loved pulling this on people. " Aww Harry look at Carly. She fell asleep in your arms. How cute." Oh god! Lou was so gullible. I decided to have some fun with this. "Ok Lou but dont tell Harry." I said in my "sleep". Harry started shaking me. "Carly wake up!!!!!!! NOW!!!!!" "Hahahaha!! Harry come closer." "What is it?What were you telling Lou?" "I love your curls!" "Oh my god Carly you worried me!!!!! Dont ever do that again!!" "Awww im sorry harry! Come with me!" I walked him upstairs and pulled him behind a corner. "Im gonna make it up to you!" "How?" "Like this," I leaned in and kissed him. He pulled away right away. "Wait are you ok with this?" " Of coarse why else would I kiss you?" I kissed him again. He kissed me back. I backed up and ran into a table, "Oh my god are you ok?" "Yes im fine you dont need to freak." We heard laughing and looked around the corner. Louis and Cory were standing there laughing thier heads off. " Oh are you ok? Good now lets get back to kissing! KISS KISS KISS!!!" Louis acted like harry! " Oh shut up!! You weirdos!" "Hey how about a cookie challenge!!!" Lou seemed very excited while suggesting this. But sure enough we had a cookie challenge. I won! Harry said I cheated but i didnt. He said my punishment for cheating was i had to watch him and Lou dance. And umm that was interesting. We decided to have a dance party.They boys refused until we called Niall, Liam, and Zayn. Once they boys got here we had a huge party. All the boys got drunk besides Liam. Once the drunk boys passed out me and Cory stayed up and talked with Liam. He was really sweet, funny, and interesting. When it was 4 in the morning my mom called me on video chat. "Hey mom!" "Hey Carly. Im surprised your up at 8 in the morning." "Mom its 4 in the morning here. I havent even been to sleep yet." "Why are you up then!" "Oh well you know that band Peytons obsessed with, well see im kind of dating one of the members and we had a huge party last night and me cory and liam are still up." "Wait first of all how sweet and is Liam your boyfriend?" "Umm no Mom. Im going out with Harry. But umm he passed out awhile ago. He is kind of drunk." "Isnt he underage?" "No you only have to be 18 here to drink." "Well i dont care what the law says you are not to drink!" "Omg I know mom. I havent drank. Even ask liam im very sober!" "Its true. She hasnt drank anything at all." "Well thanks Liam. Keep an eye on her." "Oh I will! I promise!" "Well mom I got to go!" "Ok bye! Try to get some sleep." "Ok mom Bye Love You!" I hung up. "So your sisters obsessed with me?" "Well ya. She really likes you and Zayn." "We should chat with her later." "Ya if you want to give her a heartattack!" "Oh she will live!" "Ok whatever you say! Im gonna go to bed now! Where is the guestrooms?" "They are up the stairs and to the right. You can have the first room." "Ok thanks! Goodnight Liam!" I walked up to the first room and layed on the bed and went to sleep.

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