Totally Normal

Yo people! The girlfriends arent in here, but that doesnt mean I have anything against them, k? This story is about five 19-21 year old girls named Natalie, Kayla, Vanessa, Vicki, and Bailey. When they get to meet the boys, what will happen? I dont know, read and find out! Please don't tell me you don't like it! I will cry! Hope you love it! NOW READ :)


14. Why Won't He Ask Me?

Bailey POV

There are way, and I mean, wayyyy to many people in this world that have lied to me. So, if you were to tell me that the guy I like, liked me back, why in the world would I believe you? I mean it is, or would be, almost too good to be true. Kind of like if Vicki stopped waking be up by pouring water on my face. I wouldn't believe it. And Zayn was probably just trying to be nice to me when he held my hand. Most likely just to make me feel better about myself. Wait, where is all of this coming from? I'm never as negative as this! I never thought I would stoop to this level of depression. Not that I was that depressed about this. I could eventually get over the fact that Zayn didn't like me back. Yeah. Totally.

Ok, I lied. He freaking put his arm around my shoulder. Ya know, its really hard to get over someone when they hold your hand, put their arm around your shoulder, and move closer to you. He is NOT playing this fair. "Bailey? Are you listening?" I heard Vanessa ask, while snapping fingers in my face. I must have tuned out for a moment there. "Uh, sorry. What?" I answered blinking a couple times before looking around. "You looked like you were in daze for a minute there, love. Whatcha thinkin' 'bout?" Said Louis, resting his elbow on his knee. Everyone turned their attention towards me. "Uh, i dunno. I guess I just... had a moment." I said lowering my eves to the gound. Zayn rubbed circles into my back. I don't want to seem like I was running a pity fest, so I sat up from my slouching position and leaned against the back of the couch. Zayn removed his hand from my back as I did so.

After about five minutes of conversation between the others, Zayn leaned towards me and whispered, "Do you want to talk about something, babe?" Are you kidding me? Now you're calling me babe? Ok, fine, I'm just going to be honest. I wanted to talking private so I led him to the kitchen. "You know what Zayn, I've had enough people feeling sorry for me to last a lifetime, so you can just stop. I really am sorry if any of the others pressured you into-" "No one pressured me into this Bailey, and you really think I would stoop that low? You really think that I would do this just to mess with your head? I would never do that to you. And, I really do like you Bailey..." He said, trailing off at the end. OH MY GOD. It was a miricle that I wasn't fangirling right then and there. "Wait, really? You really like me?" I asked, with a hint of hope in my voice. "Yes, I really do." He said, before he kissed my cheek. We then walked back into the living room hand-in-hand.

*Your walrus speaking! Sorry this was kind a short chapter, but I had a really hard time trying to think of what this chapter was gonna be about. I eventually had to ask a friend who and what this chapter should be about. Well, I hope you enjoyed at least 20% of this chapter. LOVE YOU MY DUMPINGS! XX

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