Totally Normal

Yo people! The girlfriends arent in here, but that doesnt mean I have anything against them, k? This story is about five 19-21 year old girls named Natalie, Kayla, Vanessa, Vicki, and Bailey. When they get to meet the boys, what will happen? I dont know, read and find out! Please don't tell me you don't like it! I will cry! Hope you love it! NOW READ :)


16. Need to leave

Natalie POV

I never seen Vicki cry this much. And remember, when I found her she was crying waterfalls. All of us were surrounding her now, incuding Vanessa and Harry. "You know what, I'm calling Liam." I said, pulling my phone out of my pocket. "No! I don't want him to see me like this! He'll think I'm weak!" she said, raising her head from her soaked pillow. I don't have much patience, and I wanted to scream at her saying all of the embaressing things she's done and said in front of him, but I'm not that bad of a person. "Vick, you need to talk to him before you leave. And I don't care how 'embaressing' it'll be, if he really has feelings for you, he wouldn't care how the hell you look." I said, trying to keep my voice slow and steady.

2 minutes later

Vicki POV

I know Natalie was right, and that's what I hated. And I really did want to see Liam and the rest of the boys as much as I could before I go back to Poland. My family was forcing me to go back there. But I would miss these guys more than I would miss my family in a life time. "Vick! are you okay? What's wrong? Wait, why are you-" Liam said while running into the house. "SLOW DOWN WITH THE WORDS! She's going through a lot of stuff right now! And don't run, you'll knock something over!" Kayla yelled at all of them, but made it more obvious towards Liam.

After I have explained the whole story of why I'm crying because The1Dwalrus doesn't want to type all of that...

"Wait, so let me get this straight," Natalie started. "You're family basically just came to America, kicked you to the curb, and then went back to Poland, and now they expect you to go back to them?! Why are you going back after all they've done to get you away?" She had a good point. Why did they want me back? "Well I don't want to go back! I'd miss you more than I've missed my family any day." Natalie made an "awwwe" noise. "Especially you Liam." I said looking up at him. He smiled and sat down next to me. "Wow. Thanks Vicki. I'm feelin' the love" Bailey said and rolled eyes. Natalie laughed at this. Wow. I love these people. "Well, when are you leaving?" Asked Zayn. "Tomarrow." I said facing the floor. "TOMARROW?" They all said in unison. I slowly nodded. "Well, we better make the best of it." Natalie said, looking around at the others. " Or maybe, we don't have to...." Louis said.

The rest of the night was filled with coversation and ideas.

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